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2311, 2016

Roger Crombie – I’m not much of a Christmas Man

Bermuda Haha - I’m not much of a Christmas Man By Roger Crombie My view is that either every day should be Christmas, or none of them. I have, however, mellowed somewhat as age has

111, 2016

Bermuda haha by Roger Crombie

If you want a job done well, don’t do it yourself. By Roger Crombie Have you ever tried to hang a picture on a wall? Not just any old how, but in a tasteful and

2203, 2016

Easter In Bermuda

Easter is celebrated all over the world, but in Bermuda we observe the Easter holiday with various traditions found throughout the island. Easter In Bermuda offers a wide variety of activities, from kite flying to local

312, 2015

Tales of Rum Swizzle & The Queen of Bermuda

by Candice Dickinson Swizzle has been around since the 18th Century. In the early days the popular cocktail was basically watered down rum, served one part rum and six parts water.  With time, swizzle sticks

2108, 2015

The Original Bermuda Shorts

This year marked the 240th Anniversary of the Bermuda Gunpowder Plot and Belcario Thomas, our resident Accounts manager and expert on all things Tobacco Bay (the site of the historic event), was invited to a

308, 2015

August in the East – Gunpowder, Cricket & Wine Town of St. George

by Kristin White “We are informed that there is a large Magazine in your Island … under a very feeble Guard.” George Washington (1775) In the dead of night on August 14, 1775, over one

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