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Photograph by Alan Marquardt

Diving & Snorkel

Shipwrecks in Bermuda opens a window onto the past history of exploration on the island it offers some of the best examples of maritime history in the world


This 11M / 36FT, two-masted American schooner was bound from Turks Island to Nova Scotia with a cargo of salt when she wrecked on our treacherous reefs in February 1890.


A cargo steamer built in 1890 ran into a "white squall" in 1915. For years her engine protruded above the waves, inviting tourists to swim out and visit. Today, the


Bermuda's most impressive warship wreck is this first-class 60-gun French frigate that sank in 1838. This three-masted, wooden-hulled sailing vessel was returning to France from a skirmish in Mexico when

The Kate

A 61M / 200FT English steamer, she was en route from Galveston, Texas to Le Havre, France when she struck a reef 35KM / 22MI northwest of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse


A sturdy iron-hulled steamer built in 1881. On February 22, 1886, she wrecked on the Western Reef while travelling from New Orleans to Bremen, Germany carrying a cargo of cotton


Built in 1877, the Madiana was a new breed of iron-hulled transatlantic passenger/light cargo ship. On February 10, 1903, while en route from New York to the West Indies with


A 75M / 245FT early vintage steel freighter sank in 1879. The old steamer had departed Savannah, Georgia for Russia with a cargo of cotton. Her voyage was not an

Cristobal Colon

This 152M / 499FT Spanish luxury liner is the largest known shipwreck in our waters. Launched in 1923, Cristobal Colon was the most advanced liner design of her time. She


This 58M / 192FT, four-masted, wooden-hulled American schooner was built in 1918. During World War II, she was pressed into service and used as a cargo vessel. In July 1943,


A 106M / 350FT combination mail packet and passenger steamer, launched in 1894, was carrying passengers and general cargo from St. John to Halifax. On June 25, 1923, this fine

Montana (Nola)

An elusive ship of multiple identities, often operating under the name of Nola, Gloria, Paramount and Montana, she was a Civil War blockade- runner that made trips between England, Bermuda

The Airplane

The Airplane sits in about 25 feet of water. The visibility is usually quite good - 70 feet in the summer and over 100 feet in the winter. Most interesting

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