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Clean Eating, Devil’s Isle & Village Pantry

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Clean Eating, Devil’s Isle & Village Pantry

Devil’s Isle and Village Pantry offer a clean eating alternative to casual dining in Bermuda.

Devil’s Isle Restaurant opened on Burnaby Street three years ago, bringing a “farm to table” philosophy to the heart of the City. They set a green-eating trend with their delicious Kale Caesar salad. The Good-To-Go section boasts an ever-busy smoothie bar with lots of nutritious shakes, cold-pressed juices, and locally harvested shots of wheat-grass. But you’d be mistaken to think that this is strictly a Vegetarians hangout. From their sustainable Scottish Salmon (which they smoke in-house) to the 8oz All-Natural Bacon Cheeseburger, they offer meat lovers plenty of ethical alternatives. All dressings and condiments are made from scratch without gluten.  They also offer gluten-free beer and vodka while their signature Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread rivals the many other gluten-full offerings baked fresh in their kitchen. Did I forget to mention the home-roasted, fair trade coffee beans? Well I think you get the point by now, the chefs at Devil’s Isle take no shortcuts to serve the freshest food possible.

“Our philosophy is if you cook things with proper ingredients, from scratch, no artificial flavours, stocks or flavor enhancers need to be added to make it taste good.” Says owner and manager, Holger Eiselt, adding that they use sea salt only and no genetically modified oils in their restaurants. Thrilled with the success of his first project, he and his passionate team decided to develop a sister-restaurant outside of the city, which opened at the end of last year.

Aptly named Village Pantry , the new restaurant is located in the charming and quaint Flatt’s Village. “We wanted it to be a neighborhood restaurant, with a homely feel and atmosphere,” says Holger, happy to have found the perfect spot.

The new restaurant honors the same food ethics as it’s brother but with a Brasserie direction and more family-friendly features such as: an enclosed outdoor space where children can play, gates on the front patio to ensure that little ones can’t run out into the road, and a carefully thought-out Kids menu designed with the help of reputable nutritionist, Catherine Burns, owner of the award-winning Nutrition consultancy, Natural Ltd.

“We all really understand the importance of nourishing your child and it’s so nice to give them food that you’re genuinely happy about.” She says. She was happy to be a part of this new endeavor after working with Holger and Executive Chef Jason Berwick at Devil’s Isle, where she redesigned their smoothie menu and trained their staff on diet and allergy awareness.

“We all share the same philosophy that, in a way, we wish kids menus didn’t exist. We wish food could just be food. Because unfortunately, what we’ve created is a culture in which kids think that kids food is only chicken nuggets, pizza, French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs. Those are often the only options.”

The Kids Menu at Village Pantry is simple but fun, with both classic and innovative dishes such as Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Stir Fry, Pantry Pizza made with organic, stone ground flour, and ‘Salad on a Stick’ a colorful medley of assorted fruit and vegetables on a skewer.  “We pay a lot of attention to plating the kids food to make it look fun,” says Holger, a father himself, acknowledging how fussy children can often be. Catherine believes their spin on these classic dishes will encourage kids to try new things, and help their taste buds to “grow up a bit”. For dessert, they offer Nutrifit Banana Bread, high in protein, fiber, and essential minerals like Zinc and Selenium. They also have a Chocolate Moose, purposely misspelled, the pot of chocolaty heaven is served with a moose shaped cookie. All of the desserts are gluten-free and sweet enough, without being excessive. “All you really need at the end of the meal is something small, and a little sweet to round off your palette, “ says Catherine.

For the grown-ups the menu at Village Pantry is pretty exiting too, with a lot of noticeable differences when compared with Devil’s Isle. “It’s more of a Bistro,” says the executive Chef Jason Berwick, who designed the menu primarily. The team anticipates the new Alsatian Style Flatbreads will be a huge hit among pizza lovers, and overall he’s really proud of all their breads varieties, all baked in-house from scratch using organic, stone ground flour from a traditional mill in Caputo, Italy.  “We incorporate a lot of traditional European styles into our breads like, sour dough style, which we ferment ourselves, and that’s really important for flavor profile.” He explains that while normally white flour would be a taboo among the health conscious, by stone grounding it, none of the mineral-rich wheat germ is lost.

“There’s an incredible amount of fiber in our breads which obviously makes them so much more nutrient dense,” says Jason. “It all connects with this whole pantry idea. This is how people used to make food and this is really what we need to go back to. There’s a reason we used to do a lot of the things that we used to do and we kind of lost sight of that.”
Devil’s Isle Cafe

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