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By Alexandra Lima

Summer is officially behind us and the seasons have changed, but if you think that watersports in Bermuda are finished, think again! In fact, according to Escape Yacht Charters Bermuda, winter is the best time of the year for one of Bermuda’s more appealing watersports; Sailing.

Bermuda’s mild climate and sub tropical weather during the winter months, lends itself well to off shore activities. Despite the latitude and longitude, which places it nearly a thousand miles north of the Caribbean, Bermuda’s warm waters from the Gulf Stream and slightly stronger winds during the winter months, create the perfect setting for exciting day spent at sea.

With the America’s Cup World Series recently hosted in Bermuda, popularity and interest in sailing has intensified around the island. If the trials have proven anything to the world, it’s that what is most considered to be the ‘off season’ in Bermuda, is the exact time when sailing conditions are at their peak.

And what better way to experience these ideal conditions than on Bermuda’s Escape. One of the fastest charter boats available, the Escape is a fantastic vessel to explore the spectacular views around the island. The 65-foot yacht is a comfortable way to cover a lot of miles at top speeds, allowing you to see more of Bermuda in a short period of time.

Owner, Lawrence Trimingham, highlights that this sets them apart from their competitors, allowing guests to get more for their money. “Charter’s are not just for the summer months,” he says, “Many forget that sailing is great in the winter, the winds are favorable and it is the best sailing of the year”.

Why wait until the summer months to experience these incredible conditions on the water? Book your Escape Yacht Charter, with full or half days available and get the most out of your winter.

For more information, please visit or contact Lawrence at 1 441 737 2273 or via email at [email protected]



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