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Just imagine skimming over Bermuda’s crystal clear waters, the wind blowing through your hair, music playing in the background while you take in all the beautiful scenery and sites around you. K.S Watersports offer a unique and fun sightseeing adventure on the Wild Cat, a high-speed custom hydrofoil catamaran powered by twin 1000 horsepower turbo-charged diesel engines. This thrilling boat ride is the only tour of it’s kind, taking you around the entire coastline of Bermuda to explore our many bays, harbors, inlets, shipwrecks and historical forts. For more information call or visit their website at www.kswatersports.com


Also known as BAMZ, this all-in-one complex, located in Flatt’s Village,  is one of the Island’s most beloved attractions. There are more than 200 species of marine life and over 300 varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals on display.  Many of the exhibits have free-flight immersion areas that allow you to see the animals roaming freely as they would in nature. BAMZ promises a fun, exiting, and educational experience for the whole family. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore it all, there are surprises at every corner.

Experience a St George’s art & culture day trip! 

This jaw dropping, historic, UNESCO designation simply begs exploration. Tour the World Heritage Centre as your start point, visit the fortified walls of Fort St. Catherine, the saintly halls of St. Peter’s and artfully incomplete, Unfinished Church. Awaiting your discovery St George’s provides weekly family fun activities including those from King’s Square including free reenactments, walking tours and special events, while weekends you can treat yourself to the Tobacco Bay experience, boasting her covered winter beach bar, café, island ambiance and friendly service to (quite literally, if you like!) drink in this mid-Atlantic paradise on earth.


We are now entering the heart of lobster season and this calls for a celebratory meal at Bermuda’s most renowned seafood restaurant. Tasting a spiny Bermuda lobster should be on every visitor’s to-do list and if you have yet to try a traditional fish chowder then look no further, their award winning recipe is considered one of the best on the island. For 69 years the Lobster Pot has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike, there’s hardly a better way to experience the island in fall. Just be sure to make a reservation beforehand, call 441-292-6898

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