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Golf for Life

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Golf for Life Families and Young Adults Hold the Key By Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional

April is a desired month for both locals and visitors to golf at Port Royal Golf Course. During the spring season, many visitors from North America hone their skills while eagerly awaiting the end of cold weather and snow. In contrast, locals enjoy temperate spring days that make golfing in Bermuda even more special. Longer daylight in the evening provides an ideal time to walk a few holes, get a bit of exercise, unwind and enjoy sunset golf. Yes indeed, spring is in the air at Port Royal Golf Course.

Preparation for our next Golf4Life event on May 7th is well underway and our outreach continues. One of our goals is to make golf accessible to all ages and backgrounds and Golf4Life is the ideal format for this task.

Our recent March tournament and free golf clinic illuminated the importance of quality time spent between parents and their children as their participation was heartwarming and full of positive energy. Golf provides many opportunities for families to be together while engaging in a recreational sport that they can continue to play for many years to come.

We are encouraged as our Golf4Life vision is already starting to unfold. We see it evolving into a family-centered environment that we believe is necessary to stimulate long lasting growth within the golf industry. We are of the view that families and young adults hold the key to the success of growing golf in our community and worldwide.

Mark your calendar for our next Golf4Life tournament and free clinic on May 7th. In the meantime, come visit us at Port Royal Golf Course and enjoy our
world-class public golf facility.

For further information contact: [email protected] or Port Royal Golf Course at 234-0974

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