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Fine Dining


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Fine Dining

Bermuda has some of the best restaurants in the world. With fresh local ingredients, delicious menu options and exceptional service in a breathtaking setting, what else could anyone ask for in a dining experience?

The Dock at Waterlot

Defining Bermuda’s steakhouse experience for nearly 350 years, the historic Waterlot Inn remains Bermuda’s best. Gracefully nestled dockside on Jew's Bay, the Waterlot Inn offers

Bella Vista Bar and Grill

Located at the Port Royal Golf Club in Southampton, this creative Mediterranean style restaurant with breath taking views of the South Shore is perfect on

Island Restaurant Group

The Island Restaurant Group is one of Bermuda’s largest chain of restaurants serving international cuisine in smart, upscale environments.

Griffin’s Bistro

Overlooking the old Town of St. George and its harbour, Griffin’s Bistro & Bar is located within The St. George’s Club, a cottage hotel and

Little Venice

Little Venice is Bermuda's first and most famous Italian restaurant, celebrating 40 years of fabulous service and fine food. This is Hamilton’s must stop for

Harry’s at the Waterfront

Harry's at The Waterfront in partnership with Miles Market, Bermuda's Specialty Food Store, places its focus on organic freshness and simplicity of taste.  The menus are

Eliana’s Fine Dining

"God has answered" Welcome to Eliana's Restaurant, Bermuda's unique dining experience where you can choose from premium cuts of steak, seafood & lamb, cooked to

Henry VIII Restaurant, Sushi Bar & Pub

One of Bermuda's Premier Restaurants for 40 years, a favorite of Locals and Tourists. Come and discover the unique atmosphere of old English Charm and

Port O’ Call

One of Bermuda's most popular restaurants. Enjoy award-winning signature dishes featuring contemporary styles with an emphasis on fresh Bermuda Seafood. Enjoy our award winning wine


Located above Port O' Call on Front Street, Pearl is a welcome addition to Bermuda's sushi scene. When creating the menu, our skilled Sushi chefs

Café Lido

A sophisticated but informal atmosphere welcomes our guests at our location on the beachfront terrace of the Elbow Beach Hotel. With waves breaking just below,

Fourways Inn Restaurant

Long recognized as the Grande Dame of Bermuda’s restaurants, Fourways Inn offers a spectacular first-class dinner menu and an award winning wine list. Located in

Fine Dining Rated by C. Dickinson Rating: 4.6