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SunKiss a Fragrance by Lili Bermuda, The Bermuda Perfumery

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  • Sun Kiss by Lili Bermuda

SunKiss a Fragrance by Lili Bermuda, The Bermuda Perfumery

By Brigitta Wohlmuth

Synaesthesia is a condition experienced by many artists, whereby a sensation in one of the senses triggers sensations in another. The master Perfumer often has these types of multi-sensorial experiences when she smells something. “I see color, I hear music, I feel textures, I see tri-dimensional shapes,” Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone tells me, during my visit to the iconic Bermuda Perfumery in Stewart Hall.  Inspiration comes to her in a flood of emotion, and her goal as an artist is to convey these feelings through her fragrances. “Everything has to be harmonious,” she says, often comparing the craft to composing a piece of beautiful music.

“Over the years, you really develop a style and a signature that your customers become used to, and that’s really been key for me,” she continues. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what make their fine fragrances so distinct, but there is a common note that a good nose can sniff out in many of them. Neroli is the blossom produced from the bitter orange tree. Its scent is sweet and honeyed with green and spicy facets. “That beautiful orange flower, for me, that’s really the true testament of quality, femininity and elegance,” she reflects as we begin to discuss the components of her latest fragrance.

SunKiss is like a bottle of liquid sunshine, boasting bright and cheerful top notes of orange bigarade and Bermuda loquat. Isabelle’s beloved neroli flower is at the heart of this dynamic scent, complemented by the essence of vanilla with a base of sandalwood and musk. “It’s the pool party fragrance…sultry, summery, fun,” she sings, mirroring my excitement as I sniff my pulse points, entranced. I too begin to experience a touch of synaesthesia, the aroma inducing visions in my mind of a pool party with big floaters, palm trees and fruity-flavored lip gloss. The sweet and creamy undertones have me savoring the scent like a delicious bowl of orange gelato, and while I normally gravitate to less “girly” fragrances, this one is so yummy that I just can’t get enough.

“The theme is vacation, Lili is going on a holiday! She is young and loves to have fun, to sunbathe and hangout with friends around Hamilton, Coral Beach Club and Elbow Beach,” she continues, giving me the back-story of the ‘type of girl’ that would wear this vivacious Eau-de-Toilette. The new fragrance launched at the start of the summer season and so far, the reaction from her customers has been as big as when she first released South Water, Coral and Pink- some of her most popular scents until now. “I really thought that mature women and people who are used to more complex fragrances would reject it, and I was totally ready for it, but its been a smashing success so far, so I’m really exited about that,” she adds, almost in disbelief. And while she admits that SunKiss isn’t a symphony, per say, it’s more of a pop-song, but a chart-topper for sure. “People really, really, love it!”

As do I. I already have a number of her fragrances on my wish list and this one will have to be added. So naturally, I’m thrilled when she shows me their brand new travel atomizers.  The 8ml refillable spray bottles are stylish, very affordable, and fit neatly in the palm of my hand.  They are perfect for carrying in your purse or clutch, and what’s more? “For the summer we are doing a promotion where, if you buy a large 100ml bottle of SunKiss, you get the travel atomizer for free!” she informs me, much to my delight.

What will they think of next? Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. George’s, the ‘olde towne’ is said to be having a renaissance with burgeoning artisans on every corner, and many would agree that Lili Bermuda is leading the pack as a beacon of creative innovation. Not only are all of their fragrances created on-site, but they are constantly looking to the future with their green philosophy, eco-friendly packaging and evolution of products, proving that (although established since 1928) it’s certainly not your Grandmother’s Perfumery. This new fragrance is one of their most youthful scents to date, speaking to the fun-loving girl in all of us.

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