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BY KIM SWAN, J.P. Teaching Professional

Golf is a great game, I am so thankful to have found the game of golf or to have had the game of golf find me, as my life in golf has been a match made in heaven.

Today, it is a labour of love for me to work once again in my trade as professional golfer being involved hands on with the game of golf operating exclusively as a golf coach and writing articles about the game. Each day my life revolves around the actual game of golf itself, coaching persons how to play golf, how to swing the golf club effectively, how to control the golf ball as they navigate the golf course and writing articles about the game and providing instruction based on my experiences.

First and foremost, golf as a game is built on fairness ‎and fair play, which can be a challenge for many who play golf, as the world as we know and live in often encourages and rewards unscrupulous behavior.  As a great model to follow, I am reminded and guided by the gentlemanlike example set by golf legend Bobby Jones, who penalized himself for an infraction known only to himself and God.

Ironically, one of the greatest slogans within the game of golf is attributed to both Ben Hogan and Gary Player, which serves as a mantra that encompasses the work ethic required ‎to succeed at the game of golf.

“The answer is in the Dirt”

Clearly, there is so substitute for practice and it is incumbent on a player to hit through the dirt regularly in practice to bear the fruits of better golf play.

Our aim at the Port Royal Golf Developmental Program is to encourage our students to practice consistently, get better at applying proper fundamentals when hitting golf shots and help them to learn to at each shot online with purpose.

We invite you to contact us and join one of our programs for all ages and levels of golfer.

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