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Treasures of the Sea – Atlantic Jewellery

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  • Treasures of the Sea
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Treasures of the Sea – Atlantic Jewellery

by Brigitta Wohlmuth


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau 

Inside of the Washington Mall is a store with ocean blue walls, whimsical marine décor in the windows, and unique handmade jewellery displayed from wall to wall. As you step inside, you get the feeling of being below deck on an elegant pirate ship filled with prized jewels of the Atlantic and treasures of the sea. And the treasures you will find there are endless. Bermuda Medallions, Historic Hog Penny replicas, a myriad of stackable rings, necklaces created with mystical gems and Bermuda’s iconic pink sand and sea glass…

“We do a lot of nautical and ocean themed pieces, but I don’t like to limit myself either” says the shop owner, Jacquie Lohan. With over 20 years experience, you could say she is one of Bermuda’s more accomplished jewellers. She loves working with precious metals and gemstones, but she’s also a passionate surfer whose infatuation with the ocean reveals itself in Atlantic Jewellery Studio’s collections.

Since establishing the business, she’s won numerous awards and even had her Jewellery featured on a Bermuda postage stamp. But she’s not one to hog the spotlight and has consistently celebrated the work of others. There’s ‘something for everyone’ in her showroom, where you’ll find not only her designs on display, but also designs made by fellow artist-friends and most importantly her apprentice, Jocelyn Powell. “Jocelyn has been with me for over 12 years. She is so talented and makes a lot of the pieces here,” Jacquie says.

Jocelyn crafts many lovely designs out of Bermuda elements such as pink sand, cedar, and the store’s extensive collection of gemstones and pearls.  She also collaborates with Jacquie to design one of the studio’s most popular creations – ‘The Bermuda Medallion’. The silver-sculpted pendants are truly unique pieces fit for any aspiring mermaid. They contain rare pieces of our coloured sea-glass, pink sand, replicas of tiny sea-shells cast in silver, and resemble the little tide-pools left on the rocks by the waves. “I think they really capture the essence of Bermuda” says Jocelyn. The medallions are wonderful keepsakes that let you cherish the Island forever.


9 Reid Street, Hamilton HM11, Bermuda

1 441-542-1554

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