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Vacation by the Handlebars
Bermuda by scooter is very popular among vacationers
Scooter Rentals

If you like to 'drive the bus' when you're on vacation, then you're going to end up on a rental scooter.  It's the most popular way to reach Bermuda's most popular spots -- freeing vacationers from the constraints of bus schedules and taxi fares.  Bermuda laws don't allow rental cars.

Perhaps even more tantalizing, scooters can lead to roads less traveled.  Imagine a picnic for two at a secluded inlet or a midnight trip to the beach for stargazing.  Much is possible for those prepared to grab their vacation by the handlebars.

Every would-be handlebar grabber should know we drive on the left in Bermuda and helmets are mandatory.  It's never good when visitors forget those important points.  You'll need to practice a little before you can get on the road, but interestingly a valid driver's license is not necessary.  Only people older than 18 are permitted to rent.

Elbow Beach Cycles

Make Bermuda yours! Experience the best of our island paradise: secluded beaches, wonderful wildlife, fantastic forts, and amazing adventures around every bend. Pick your scooter or hybrid electric bike from Bermuda's newest rental fleet, and go discover. Call +1[441].296.2300 today or click the 'More Info' link below.

Oleander Cycles

Guarantee yourself a fun-filled vacation by renting a comfortable, well-maintained cycle from Oleander. Every Oleander cycle is clean and reliable. Our scooters are easy to ride. You do not need a driver's license, only common sense. If you can ride a bicycle, you can easily ride an Oleander scooter.

Smatt's Cycle Livery Ltd.

For 60 years, family owned and operated Smatt's Cycle Livery Ltd. has provided visitors with the finest rental scooters available. Your Safety is our priority. Instruction on scooter operation, local road rules, and riding technique will be given to all customers. You will also complete a test ride to demonstrate your safety and riding ability. Our instructors will ensure that you are comfortable, confident and safe before you leave. Official scooter rental agency of the Fairmont Southampton, and Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Competitive rates - Reliable scooters - Service second to none.