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By Brigitta Wohlmuth

To enlighten the public about the America’s Cup, the BUEI will premiere the America’s Cup Endeavour Exhibit in March 2016.

As the oldest sporting contest in the world, The America’s Cup has greatly influenced the evolution of sailing.  The new exhibit demonstrates how this prestigious event has driven boat-design innovation throughout history.

“America’s Cup boats continue to represent the pinnacle of sail racing, since the first race in 1851,” says Jessica Meredith, the BUEI’s Project Manager.

“In our exhibit we have artifacts from the first boat that won the America’s Cup race, demonstrating its innovative design and how a different shaped hull and different sails made it superior to the British yachts of the day,”

Americas-Cup-in-BermudaThe exhibit is designed to be fun and educational for people of all ages. It is inspired by the Endeavour Programme – a community sailing project launched by America’s Cup sponsors to encourage young Bermudians into sailing. We highlight various aspects of sailing that are taught in the program, based on the pillars of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

“We explore the evolution of boat-building materials, and highlight the aspects of design and technology behind the current boats to answer some of the big questions such as ‘Why are they using a rigid wing sail versus a traditional soft sail? And how are these things flying?’”

She also expressed that not only are the modern boats incredible pieces of machinery but so are the crew members. The exhibit will also include ‘the human factor of sailing’ by analysing the physiology of the athletes.

“…It’s not just that they’re fit, they also have to train their minds” she explained in the exhibit there will be a two-part interactive station where visitors can try grinding at the intensity of the America’s Cup sailors, then test their mental acuity afterwards.

That’s just one of many more interactive aspects to the exhibit which will also feature a sailing simulator, where you can race an AC45 in the Great Sound, Jessica has revealed:

“Because we are talking about complex physics concepts etc., we tried to make the exhibit as hands-on as possible so everywhere you turn you are going to find something to touch, hit or pull.”

The exhibit will also prepare spectators for the America’s Cup finals in 2017, with a section dedicated to ‘sailing theory for non-sailors.’ This area will illustrate some of the basic concepts of sailing by explaining race tactics and strategies as well as common terms like “tacks, knocks and dirty air” that the race commentator will talk about.

“It’s great for visitors and residents to learn more about the America’s Cup leading up to the finals,” says the BUEI’s marketing manager, Belinda Barbieri, who has emphasised that this will be the first exhibit of it’s kind available in Bermuda.

So, whether you are a sailing enthusiast or a total novice on the subject, the BUEI welcomes you to experience and enjoy the new America’s Cup Endeavour Exhibit which will remain open for the next two years.

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America’s Cup at the B.U.E.I