At Port Royal Golf Course, watch out for the beautiful ocean

By Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional

To play good golf requires a golfer to stay focused on the the task at hand – how many times have you been urged to stay focused – only to fall prey to a lapse of attention at the worst time?

As we grow in the game, the good advice passed on by our mentors can take on increased meaning from the day they first offered it to us – “pay attention to one shot a time “……..

Stay Focused

You can hardly fault a golfer for losing their focus while playing Port Royal Golf Course – imagine a 7am tee time and you are teeing off on #10 hopefully off to a good start. Unfortunately, when you look up to judge the wind, your eye catches a breathtaking sunrise over the historic Port Royal Harbor. As you look east and cast your eyes on the amazing natural beauty before your eyes. Needless to say, it is a “Kodak moment”, yes, you lose focus and hit an unacceptable shot. Is it a careless bogey or does capturing an unforgettable vista balance out that temporary lapse of focus?

Watch that Ocean?

Thankfully for the golfer playing the Port Royal ‎Golf Course, once you reach hole #7 you can get a view of the Ocean on every hole, so you can become immune from the urge to reach for your camera on every hole.

Save and except for Hole #16 at Port Royal. Legend has it that a visiting amateur was enjoying the game of his life – 2 under par heading to the 16th tee is a score to dream about – when his playing partner spotted a large school of fish wading on ‎shoreline. Of course the cameras came out a talk of the island’s beauty took precedence over a tricky shot on the coastline. Unbenown to this golfer during the time he was gazing at the natural beauty of #16, the wind changed direction and soon thereafter he was reteeing with several penalty strokes and his hopes for a great round lost in the gorgeous ocean.

What could have been

Staying focused is necessary when trying to play consistent golf. Great players work hard at mastering the art and science of staying focused on the task at hand.

At Port Royal, the hazards are difficult to negotiate but beware of the natural beauty which is all around – it is the cause of many double bogeys.

We invite you to visit us at Port Royal, ‎enjoy your favourite cocktail on our Patio and savour the view that causes most golfers to loose their focus.

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