Restaurant Weeks Extended at The Point

By Brigitta Wohlmuth, Photos by Candice Dickinson

Classics are called so for a reason, because they never go out of style. For what could possibly go better with macaroni than cheese? And how lacking would a fish dinner be without a side of coleslaw? You get the idea. Some foods just belong together, and it’s no secret that we Bermudians love our rice with peas, our codfish with potatoes, and our ginger beer mixed with a generous amount of black rum.

In celebration of these Bermudian classics, The Point Restaurant is currently offering an Island-inspired menu. Running in conjunction with Bermuda Restaurant Weeks, the special prix fixe menu will be available until March 12th.

Called Bermuda Eats, the menu was designed to delight the local palate with reimagined classics and exciting new dishes that feature fresh, local ingredients. “We’ve been working consistently with local farmers; Bermyfresh and Tuckers Farm,” says Guido Brambilla, the Food and Beverage Executive Manager at Rosewood Tucker’s Point Hotel.  A fresh catch of seafood is delivered daily- directly to the kitchen, and Guido assures that, although the specials are offered at a much lower price than normal during Restaurants Weeks, they aren’t taking any shortcuts or skimping on quality. “We feel the real opportunity is to show our product,” he says, acknowledging that many locals schedule their dining experiences around this time. They hope to attract new guests who normally wouldn’t consider The Point due to its assumed exclusivity.

Candice and I were ecstatic to be able to taste-test some of the dishes. First we had the Tuckers Farm Goat’s Cheese Mousse- a beautifully plated appetizer that features deliciously creamy goats cheese paired with pickled beetroots, beet shoots, a red cabbage pureé, and stone ginger beer. All ingredients were made in Bermuda of course, and to our delight, the dish was as good as it looked.

“They like having fun in the kitchen,” says Guido, we almost didn’t believe him when he told us that Chef Gerry actually uses a turntable to spread the beetroot mousse across the plate. The ginger beer foam, though seemingly inedible, he explains that the only way they could actually plate the soda is by changing the molecular structure of it, “It’s a very basic principle in molecular cuisine. It’s kind of a chef experimentation.” He continues, “We thought it was a great pairing, not just because it’s local and fits in with the concept of the dish, but because of the balance of ingredients, flavors and textures.  It adds something; the airy light texture of the foam, you almost don’t feel it, but you get in in the palate, a little kick of ginger.”

The main course was the Blackened Local Catch of the Day- red snapper served with tomato jam, mac’ n’ cheese soufflé, warm coleslaw parcels and citrus curd.

“Again, we like to play with the classics” Guido reminds us as we dig in. Candice loved the mac’ n’ cheese Soufflé and I couldn’t get enough of the warm coleslaw parcels – which were full of flavor and best of all…Bacon!  “People like it, so why shouldn’t we find a new way to have it featured in a dish,” says Guido, explaining their decision to “elevate” the otherwise typical side dishes.

Of course, our meal would not be complete without something sweet to round it off, and for dessert we were served the most amazing Banana Soufflé. “We put pink peppercorns inside the soufflé to add a little kick,” Guido tells us. It was absolutely to die for, served with house-made Bermuda honey sorbet, chunks of crispy honeycomb and fresh, mixed berries.



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