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Timing is everything – What’s Beethoven got to do with it

by Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional

Golfing in the spring is a special time of the year – the melody of the birds chirping punctuates that mother natural is providing more favourable weather. We welcome  visiting snowbirds to our shores, to get their golf games fine tuned before their home courses have season open golf tournaments up and down the east coast. Clearly, the time is right in the spring to encourage golfers from the northeast starving for golf after a winter longing for a round of golf.

What’s Beethoven, Tchaikovsky & Chopin ‎got to do with golf?

Let us not forget ‎that Rhythm is a key fundamental of golf – an essential ingredient of golf that is often ignored, seldom practice and greatly undervalued by many golfers – timing is the unseen quality that translates to feel, described as fluidity, smooth.  Music is a tool often used by golf practitioners both coaches and players, to convey the essential feelings required to incorporate proper timing and the tempo that fits the personality of the golfer. There is no one size fits all – different tunes fit different golfing styles – make no mistake, good rhythm is essential.

Proper Fundamental Essential

At Port Royal developmental program  we emphasize proper fundamentals and we go at lengths to explain the significance of proper fundamentals/techniques in golf – Aim; Grip; Posture/Ball Position/Stance; Rhythm & Balance that promotes a swinging motion based on turning on plane.

For golfers looking to identify and correct a problem with their golf game, we look closely at the fundamentals.

Good Timing and Feel

At the end of the day, a golfer must feel confident enough to trust their golf swing. Trust and Feel cannot be seen or touched but are necessary for success in the proper execution of a golf shot – especially in a competive environment. Rhythm is also unseen and is invaluable to develop good timing. Good timing is not only important for a golfer hit the ball solidly but good timing also essential to encourage persons to visit Bermuda – let us start now to reestablish increased numbers of repeat visitors for 2017 and beyond  in our taboo off season visitors.

‎We at Port Royal look forward to welcoming new golfers and returning golfers, our aim is to make you all feel at home at our world class public golf course. When the time is right for your visit, we will be ready to welcome you.

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Bermuda Golf in Spring