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Coat of Arms – Bermuda Pride Collection

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Interview with David of Davidrose, St. George’s

Please tell us what inspired you to recreate the Coat of Arms into a stunning key piece of your Bermuda Pride Collection.

I have always wanted to create a line that represents Bermudians. Something everyone can be proud of to wear in our country. Something that is apart of our rich heritage. I believe the coat of arms depicts exactly what has been taking place in Bermuda from 1609 to the present day.

It shows our strength and fortitude. This symbol reminds me every day of where we have come from as a collective to where we are headed. On the crest you have the red lion that is a symbol of England, it reminds us of our relationship to England. Then you have the Sea Venture. A boat with a captain that showed resilience, strength and the determination to survive. I had watched a documentary about the Sea Venture and its crew. What they had gone through was nothing short of a miracle.  I knew this was the perfect piece to start my new Bermuda Pride Collection. The only difference between my pendant and the actual crest is that I decided to remove the “Quo Fata Ferunt” quote from the bottom which means “Whither the Fates Carry Us”. I believe that we all have the power to create our own destiny. I for one never leave anything up to fate. I am in control of my life.

Please tell us in what variations, the Coat of Arms is available.

The coat of arms is available in Silver and Yellow Gold. We will have Rose Gold and White gold just before Christmas. It can also be made to order in platinum. We have received positive feed back for the coat of arms pendant and are looking forward to more Christmas orders.

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