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by Brigitta Wohlmuth

Alexandra Mosher never falls short of ideas. Whether she’s dreaming up a new design for her famous pink sand collection or pondering how she can imprint the texture of a palm tree into a gold-banded ring, she is anything BUT a one-trick-pony. Driven by her awe of Bermuda’s natural beauty she has branded a business upon her passion for creating wearable art. Since 2005 this talented, young jeweler has made a fine living out of selling her creations, carefully imbedding a little piece of the island into each individual design.

As innovative as she is, I wasn’t sure what to expect when we met. I could only assume that she would show me pieces from a new collection maybe? After receiving an invite to chat at the home of her close friend, the fine art photographer Amanda Temple, I became very curious indeed. What was she working on now? And what was Amanda’s involvement in it all? When I arrived at the beautiful, bohemian-inspired, waterside home; the two ladies, giddy with excitement immediately ushered me into Amanda’s workshop to show me their latest collaborative project.

“It’s my ornament for this year!” exclaims the jeweler as we stood in front of Amanda’s computer. On the screen was the very image that graces our cover this month. Every year Alexandra produces a Christmas ornament to add to a series she started three years ago. The latest addition is floating between the model’s fingertips magnified by a crystal orb.

“It’s a Bermuda Fitted Dinghy, with six little sailors in it.” Alexandra explains.  This traditional sailboat is native to Bermuda, also used for racing but belonging to a different class than the foiling catamarans we saw race in October’s Louis Vuitton World Series event.

“Really it’s nothing to do with the America’s Cup and everything to do with sailing, Bermuda and the excitement around that.” She informs me, revealing another source of her inspiration: the Christmas boat parade. “The city lights and the sparkles, that’s definitely the concept that we were going for. ”

The parade is always a huge success, attracting thousands of spectators to the City of Hamilton to watch the boats decorated with lights illuminate the harbor as they sail in a procession; it’s a remarkable sight.

By combining their individual talents, together they’ve illustrated this enchanting story of Christmas in Bermuda; a special time of year filled with magic and romance.

‘You never really understand what is involved in someone else’s work. The amount of time, labour and thought” says Amanda Temple as she begins to describe what makes her different from the average photographer. In shooting and processing this dreamy image, she’s managed to incorporate all the components of their joint-concept.

“A lot of people will look at this and say, Oh what a great picture where did she take that? Not understanding everything that goes into it,” says Amanda.

If you look closely at the cover, you can see all the literal elements that she’s put in. There are the fireworks in the sky, the boats on the harbor and the city lights in the background, yet she’s added something extra; an element of fantasy that always seems to bubble up when she and Alexandra collaborate.

“We think it’s funny because we are always saying ‘Oooh I have a new idea’ and it usually ends up to be a similar aesthetic or process of execution to something we’ve already created” says Alexandra, reflecting on the third project they did together ‘Through the looking glass’ back in 2010. That photo shoot was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, using a crystal ball as their prop similar to the orb shown in this one.

“It’s what works for the brand, the idea of the whimsical and the magical” Alexandra continues. She expressed that her goal as an artist is to create for people a story that becomes their own, while challenging them to look at the world differently and find  the magic in the little details.

“I want people to look closer, look at the details around you in a different way, on a micro level” says Alexandra,

“And I’ve always shot like that!” chimes Amanda. They compliment each other so well that you could call them a match made in paradise.

The jewelry seen on the model belongs to Alexandra Mosher’s melt collection. To view or purchase any of her works, visit her website or stop by her store in the Washington Mall, where you can also find a selection of Amanda Temple’s fine art photographs. If you wish to learn more about Amanda, or are interested in booking your own photo shoot, you can visit her website:

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Conjuring Christmas – Bermuda Magazine December Cover Story