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This popular tradition attracts over 2,000 residents and visitors. Organized by Bermuda’s National Trust, each year they design a different route to take walkers past interesting sights over our most scenic landscapes as well as many unseen areas of the island. The walk is aprox 5 miles long and takes about 2-3 hours to complete. This is a special way to experience Bermuda, with an opportunity to make some new friends or simply enjoy some quiet reflection time. The walk will take place on March 20th. bnt.bm


The countdown till Easter officially begins when locals start making their fishcakes and hot-cross buns. Hot Cross buns are not exclusive to Bermuda, but we’ve Bermudian-ized the tradition by eating ours with a savory codfish cake sandwiched in between. To properly experience this holiday, you have to at least try it! Check out Pizza House, a local favorite. They do some mean hot-cross buns and fishcakes as well, available at three convenient locations across the island. Heron bay Pizza House, Shelly Bay Pizza House, Southside Pizza House.


This is another colonial tradition that we’ve made our own here in Bermuda. A hand-made Bermuda Kite is an intricate work of art, carefully constructed out of colorful tissue paper, wooden sticks and string. You can purchase one from Phoenix Stores and join the huge kite-flying party at Horseshoe Bay on Good Friday, an annual event attended by thousands. People actually fly kites all year round, but on this special day you will see a Technicolor parade in the sky, with kites of all colors, shapes and sizes dancing beneath the clouds. phoenixstores.com


Bermudians are very proud of their faith, which is evident in the abundance of churches you’ll find here. With over a hundred places of worship peppering these 21-square miles, the number per capita is one of the highest in the world! Some of them are historical landmarks, dating back centuries even as early as the 1600’s! (Check out The Unfinished Church or Heydon Chapel to start.) These are well worth visiting from a cultural standpoint, but to enhance the experience further, why not attend one of the services during Holy Week? Whether you are Anglican, Catholic, AME or Jehova’s Witness, almost every Christian denomination is represented here by a devoted community.


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