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Exploring the east end with Kristin White

By Kristin White, Hub 1 Cultural Tourism Manager

In July 1612, 50 families sailed into Bermuda with the goal of turning it into the most successful colony of the British Government.  It had been 2 years since a group of shipwrecked passengers, who’d been stranded on our shores for one year, had departed the island on ships they’d built from salvaged materials and Bermuda cedar.  When they reached Jamestown Virginia, the cahows (Bermuda birds aka tastes like chicken) and pigs they’d stored helped save that struggling colony from starvation.

Once word reached that the shipwrecked passengers were not only alive but had thrived on a beautiful island full of resources, the decision was made.  And the Town of St. George’s was established.

St. George’s is known for our history, so taking one of the daily tours, walking our centuries old alleys, and visiting our museums are a must.  We also have some beautiful beaches where you can while away the hours laying on warm sand or splashing in the waves.

But, if you decide to hang out when the sun goes down, rest assured the East End has some great nightlife, and you will be dancing and drinking right along with locals (ie ME!).   Most guidebooks will point you towards Hamilton, and while it’s true that we don’t have any official night clubs, our laid-back, dancing in the street vibe might be more your style.  (Stiletto heels and waiting in long lines not necessary.)


Their seafood can’t be beat.  (They just won ‘Best of Bermuda’ for their Fish Chowder. #boom) But once dinner service is over, there’s no need to leave! Hang out at the bar and choose from many wines, beers on tap, and cocktails, including their award-winning ‘Prickly Pear Martini’.   On the weekend, they have a DJ or live music, and their patrons fill the street.

White Horse

“I’m Every Woman… it’s all in MEEEEEE….” Yes, these are the dulcet sounds of me singing karaoke at White Horse. Every other Friday night, DJ Fatman plays the best in soca, reggae, and other dance music AND invites you up to choose a song and belt out a tune.  If you miss karaoke, they also have happy hour drink prices every night, quiz nights once a month, and often turn their space into a nightclub.

Tobacco Bay

Bonfires, cocktails, jerk chicken, DJs – they even had a violinist jamming on their roof once! Managed by The Beach Boys, Tobacco Bay is a cool nightclub at an intimate beachy cove.  Weekends there are amazing from sunup to sundown and beyond.  (Psst, they’re a ‘Best of Bermuda’ winner for Visitor Attraction!)

Kristin and Shoshanna

Kristin and Shoshanna


For a chilled beach bar experience, head to Gombeys at Clearwater Beach.  The owner, Marlon, will serve you a swizzle at their huge wraparound bar while his wife Sara fires up the kitchen and smooth island music streams through the speakers.  Friday night happy hours go to the wee hours as long as folks are drinking and dancing.

So put on your flip-flops and come meet us!  We’ll be the ones singing, dancing, and enjoying the easy-going energy of the East End.

About Kristin and Shoshanna:

I have lived in St. George’s since 2003 and developed an obsession with the town.  I am the Hub 1 Cultural Tourism Manager and, along with my husband, own the bookstore, The Book Cellar, on Water Street.  My bicycle and perpetual companion is named Shoshanna and loves the attention.

Follow our adventures on Instagram @kristinslifeinpics.

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Exploring the east end with Kristin White