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The bulk carrier Balder has returned to Dockyard to deliver the second instalment of aggregate that will form the foundations of the America’s Cup Village.

The ship, which arrived in the West End yesterday, will continue to deposit its load of 35,000 tonnes of crushed granite into the South Basin throughout the day.

It is the vessel’s second visit to the Island in just over a week, having dropped off the first load of 25,000 cubic yards of aggregate before returning to Canada to reload.

Andrew Dias, the general manager of the West End Development Corporation, told The Royal Gazette the first phase of the project had gone smoothly.

“To date the reclamation project has been progressing as planned,” he said.

“It was always anticipated that the initial North Channel dredging disposal would be the most active period and therefore we are very pleased that this was actually completed well ahead of schedule.

“The project continues to have two entities: Bermuda Environmental Consulting and Department of Environment monitoring levels of turbidity 24 hours a day via an electronic buoy which is located just outside the South Arm. In addition to the monitoring turbidity curtains are in position within the South Basin.”

About 100,000 cubic yards of aggregate has already been taken from the North Channel by specialised dredging equipment and deposited in the South Basin.

The Balder — one of the largest vessels to sail into the South Basin — is set to return to Bermuda a further five times over the coming weeks to discharge granite for the America’s Cup Village development.

Mr Dias said: “Going forward, the immediate activities within the South Basin are limited to the replacement of dredge material to its final position and receipt of the imported aggregate. Both activities have far less potential negative impacts and are generally seen during normal shipping activities within the South Basin.”

This sortie appeared in The Royal Gazette on November 17th, 2015.

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Forming foundations of Cup Village