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  • Americas Cup Gift Guide

Gift Guide – Gearing up for The America’s Cup

By Rebecca Hanson, Owner and Designer of TABS THE AUTHENTIC BERMUDA SHORTS

Leading up to the events of the America’s Cup, our small island is abuzz with excitement.  Hoteliers and retailers have begun sprucing up for the massive influx of guests we expect to grace our shores in a few short weeks.

The America’s Cup is a great opportunity to show the world just how beautiful Bermuda is as well as show off our creative talents; and we are taking full advantage of it!

Sold exclusively at The Island Shop, Barbara Finsness Designs make excellent gifts. Her hand-painted rectangular platter, which shows Bermudian architecture, flora, and fauna in the shape of the America’s Cup trophy, makes the perfect piece to commemorate such an awesome event. “The way in which the trophy reflects its surroundings inspired me to depict it reflecting Bermuda’s warm embrace of the event to be held in 2017”, says Barbara of this stunning piece.

Resort and beachwear designer Dana Cooper has created the perfect wrap for lounging on the boat while watching the races.  These luxuriously soft garments come in two America’s Cup styles; “Rock the Boat” and “Royal Palm Beach”.

Don’t worry, gents. We’ve got something for you as well.  My Bermuda shorts company, TABS, is also an official licensee of the 2017 America’s Cup & I’ve designed a range of Bermuda shorts, swim shorts, polo shirts, socks and fedoras for the event. Check out our ‘Racing’ swim shorts; a cool geometric pattern from a distance, and mirrored images of the catamarans speeding across the Great Sound up close. We haven’t forgotten the little ones! Our shorts are also available for kids, big kids and we’ve even got a hot new 4” inseam for the ladies. Come find us in The Walker Arcade in Hamilton and step out in Bermuda style.
Looking for a trendy way to tote around your beach and boat supplies? LifeStyles has that covered.  Available in a variety of colours and styles, these waterproof bags are perfect for a day on the water or a casual over-the-shoulder-tote.  You’ll be needing the extra space to take home all of your new purchases!

Keep an eye out for the gift guide featuring more must-haves leading up to The America’s Cup in May and June.

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