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Port Royal – “Building Golf games and shaping people one person at a time – no cookie cutter”

Home » Articles » Port Royal – “Building Golf games and shaping people one person at a time – no cookie cutter”

By Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional

The importance of golf and golf courses is immeasurable socially and in today’s modern world has proven to be invaluable economically to many communities around the globe where they are located. Bermuda is no exception and at Port Royal Golf Course we are especially blessed, as our world class facility is a public golf course that services not only a local client base but also has an international appeal that helps to lure persons to our shores. We are most grateful for the vision that brought the PGA Grand Slam of Golf to our course – it certainly enhanced our stature as a world class golf course.

At Port Royal – as a public golf course – local hotels, cruise ships, tour operators, travel agents, businesses and individuals can freely market this ‎facility for golf and social events. It is not uncommon for Port Royal to host multiple events simultaneously – ie. baby showers and golf tournaments – without the two interfering with each other. Bella Vista Restaurant & Grill are to be commended for their part in making Port Royal a hospitable destination for a social event or just the spot to relax alone or in a small group.

First and foremost, Port Royal has always been a golf course of international repute and the opportunity to introduce golf to persons through the Port Royal Golf Developmental Program is an honour. We see persons of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes playing golf – the game of golf while a sport also has an important lifestyle component which is encouraging more persons to take up the game on a recreational level.

Golf is an individual and personal experience and for true enjoyment one must learn how the golf swing applies to their own body structure, persona and learn to apply the fundamentals accordingly. As my late mentor Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome always reminded me, “ we are all different and unique , we are not baking cookies.”

To become an accomplished player requires many practice hours – like the flight time essential for a pilot – which is essential to learning to golf in a way the maximizes one ‎potential.

Personally, my experience as both a player and golf coach over the past five decades has put me in contact with some of the great players and coaches – these unique experiences are put to great use as I evaluate each individual golfer and outline a ‎plan for them to develop a reliable golf swing.

We encourage players desirous of improving their golf game or those wishing learn to golf for the first time, to come and participate with us at the Port Royal Golf Developmental Program.

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