Golf mistakes are a teaching moment

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By Kim Swan, J.P. Teaching Professional

The 2016 Masters ‎is in the history books and golfers around the world are still talking about Jordan Spieth’s last 9 holes. Following Jor‎dan’s collapse on ‘Amen Corner’ at Augusta National, there is a great deal of focus‎ and discussion about his unraveling on the back 9 on Sunday at the Masters. Fact is that Jordan Spieth is not alone, there are several other players – many who will go to their grave heartbroken – having experienced a similar fate on that treacherous pressure cooker final 9 holes at Augusta National. Unfortunately for the majority of persons who have seen their Masters fortune ‘crash and burn’ on the final turn – they do not have a green jacket like Jordan Spieth, nor will they enjoy a lifetime invite to the Master champions dinner.

Not over till the ‘Fat Lady Sings’

Masters Champion Danny Willett deserves credit, as he did something that Tiger Woods has never done in his career, win a major championship by coming from behind. Make no mistake, a player who is in contention – shoots a bogey free 67 in the final round of a major championship – has certainly done his job. ‎Willet joins compatriot Sir Nick Faldo – a steely come from behind specialist – and will now enjoy many champions dinners every year hereafter.

Keep your cool at all cost

There are great lessons to be learned by the average golfer by analyzing this year’s Masters. How many of us mere mortals would have gotten frustrated and given up after 6 putts on the first hole – kudos to Ernie Els for demonstrating how to hang in there  – actually rebounds nearly making the cut but goes on to post a top finish the next week at Hilton Head.

Regroup after disaster

Jordon Spieth, inspite of a bogey, bogey, quadruple bogey stretch was still able to regroup after a disastrous ‘Amen Corner’‎, make two birdies to put himself back into contention. While unhappy with second, Spieth showed us how best to bounce back from disaster.

‎Evaluate Your Round – Mind over matter

At University we were required to keep statistics on our rounds by analysing each shot and understanding our decisions, both the good ones and bad ones. Players who fail to study their games and understand what is going on with their thinking are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

 Learn from a PGA Professional

At Port Royal Golf Developmental Program we aim to share our knowledge of the game. In addition, to receiving co‎aching and advice from some of the best minds and players in the game of golf  – our coaching draws from the experience learned and nurtured over the past 45 years – having competed at the  highest level of junior, collegiate, amateur and professional golf globally.

We invite you to contact us at Port Royal Golf Developmental Program – allow us to evaluate your golf game – we can craft a plan for your improvement.

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Golf mistakes are a teaching moment