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Gosling’s Bermuda Master Class

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99 barrels of rum

by Brigitta Wohlmuth

Gosling’s Master Class Did you know that 90% of rum is made from fermented molasses? And that in the olden days rum was used as a cure-all for aches and pains? Or – that British Naval sailors would receive a daily ration of rum and the high demand for it in Europe and North America fuelled the transatlantic slave trade?

At the Gosling’s Master Class taught by their Rum Brand Director, Andrew Holmes, you’ll learn all about the history, culture and ritual of rum in the tropics. With a special focus on how Gosling’s rums, our largest product of export, connects Bermuda to the rest of the Caribbean and the wider world. Those who attended the last sessions, held at the Gosling’s wine cellar on Dundonald Street, were taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Gosling’s rum blending and bottling facility, followed by a tasting session.

From the Family Reserve Old Rum (judged #1 Aged Rum in the World by the Caribbean Journal), to the Bermuda Gold Liqueur (made with locally harvested loquats and sold exclusively on island), the class sampled the whole range of Gosling’s award-winning rums, including the family’s newest edition, Gosling’s Gold Seal Rum – a smooth amber blend with ‘an intense aroma of butterscotch, flavors of vanilla and floral hints.’

“It’s a premium gold rum that you can enjoy on the rocks” says Andrew. He is confident that the new blend, which was designed to compliment Gosling’s beloved Black Seal Rum in the overseas market, will win many awards and prove a hit in Canada and North America where spiced rum is currently very popular. “One thing you always look for in any quality rum is the finish,” Andrew told the class. The new Gold Seal Rum has an initial sweetness, with layers of spice and a gentle, dry, warm finish.

The Gosling’s Family have been perfecting the art of rum making in Bermuda since 1858, when they created the original recipe for “Black” as it’s known locally, the key ingredient in our national cocktails; the Rum Swizzle & the Dark n’ Stormy.

Visit any one of their retail outlets in Hamilton, Front Street or the airport Duty Free. 

Gosling’s Ltd, 9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, 441 295 1123, www.goslings.com 

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Gosling’s Bermuda Master Class