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A Gosling’s Night Out

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A Gosling’s Night Out – Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Blending Master Class

By Candice Dickinson

When I pick up a bottle of white, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is always my first choice – without question. Naturally I was delighted to hear that Gosling’s would be putting on a Kim Crawford Blending Master Class, one of many special events on the Gosling’s calendar this year. To be honest, I didn’t know what wine blending was however I saw an opportunity to enjoy evening fun with people taller than 3 feet.

Excited, I arrived early and was offered a glass to enjoy while over looking the stunning ocean view at Henry VIII on South Shore. Once settled and introductions began, we learned a little history about Kim Crawford (himself). Wait, what? I was shocked to learn the original Kim Crawford is a man!!! I had always associated drinking Kim Crawford with visions of sophisticated middle (aging well) fashionistas engaging in educated conversations. Wine dream goals. I soon learned that Kim Crawford (a man) sold his brand (and his name) in 2003. Apparently Kim was a country boy who became a family man and a wine maker – he still is a wine maker but can no longer legally associate his name with wine products. Today, Constellation Brands owns Kim Crawford along with other popular brands such as Corona, Mark West and Robert Mondavi, just to name a few. I still do imagine that there are a few savvy women behind the scenes so I will continue to, wine dream on.

Next we moved to a private room at Henry VIII adjacent to the sushi bar. Here we would experience the art of wine blending or at least a taste of it. The table was perfectly set with 6 wine glasses that would hold a sample from each vineyard across Marlborough, New Zealand that makes up Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. We swooshed, sniffed, tasted and discussed the details and learned a little about each region. Each sample was distinct and just the right amount of each would craft a perfect sav blanc. We used an additional glass to to do just this, try our hand at blending our own version of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. We also had a fresh glass of the real thing, to use as a guide. I must say, I got pretty close and am considering quitting my day job and moving to a vineyard.

It was an exciting experience learning about the art of blending. Gosling’s puts on all sorts of events so be sure like them on Facebook and sign up for the next one!

  • Phone: 295-1123
  • Address: 9 Dundonald Street, Hamilton
  • Email:

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