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Hidden Gems All-Inclusive Island Eco-Tours Bermuda

By Brigitta Wohlmuth

Eco-Tourism was an untapped market in Bermuda, until six years ago.

Over the last century, travellers from around the world have come to lounge on our pink-sand beaches, tee-off a few rounds of golf, and enjoy the luxuries of their chosen resort, but there’s another side to the Island that’s too often overlooked.

Bermuda’s rich biodiversity is an attraction unto itself, and with numerous nature resorts stashed “off-the-beaten-path”, you can really have that exotic, jungle, Safari-esque experience if you know where to go.

And if you don’t know where to go, Ashley Harris can show you.

If not personally than with one of her fellow tour guides on a tour she has created which is today, one of the most exiting and unique tours in Bermuda, the peoples-chosen winner of Trip Advisor’s 2018 Award of Excellence.

The all-day excursions take you to Bermuda’s best-kept secrets, the many hidden gems of our island; including blue lagoons, historic forts, limestone caves, and the uninhabited green.

“I really want to show people that Bermuda is a year-round vacation destination” says Ashley, who regrets the fact that many people see Bermuda as simply a summer getaway.

Her tour operates all-year-round, taking visitors on an adventure to explore places they wouldn’t normally find, fascinating rural areas that have no commercial appeal, such as Tom Moore’s Jungle and the Southlands Estate.

Most visitors to the island only know of Crystal & Fantasy Caves, but there are numerous natural caves in Bermuda and the Hidden Gems Tour is the best choice for a safe and legal way to access them. Not only will you learn of their fascinating history, but you get to swim in them as well! An experience un-parallel to the beach, where the water is so crystal clear you can see straight through to the bottom.  The soothing sound of overhead stalactite dripping down is therapeutic alone, not to mention the fresh air and lush foliage all around.

For the wild-at-heart, the nature lovers, and the adventurers this tour is an absolute must, as it takes you to experience the “real Bermuda” much as the early settlers found it. And though it’s hard to classify what makes a “real Bermudian”, Ashley fits the bill one hundred percent. She’s a fourth-generation local, with a rich understanding of Bermuda’s complex history.  She’s also a former teacher, with a horticulturalist for a Dad, so you know her knowledge of the island’s flora and fauna is deep and totally credible.

Book a Summer or Winter Forts or Photography Excursion through her website, and you’ll experience a full-day of exiting exploration with all the little details sorted for you. Pick up, drop off and lunch are all included in the price, and no matter what the season, she’ll give you a reason to fall in love with Bermuda.

Location: Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, Bermuda

Inquiries & Reservations: 441-236-1300 or info@islandtourcentre.com

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Hidden Gems All-Inclusive Island Eco-Adventures Bermuda