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Jessie James Cruises

“We make you feel like you are out with friends!”

Pastel shorts and onions aside, the first subject that comes of a conversation about Bermuda is the mysterious Triangle. Many a captivating tale leads to a soggy conclusion in the waters that surround us – our seas studded with sunken ships. The true treachery, lay not in the Triangle, but in our treasured Coral Reefs that span across 200 square miles of water. While they can certainly be blamed for splitting and sinking those ships, the combination of marine life and underwater mausoleum makes for some sensational snorkeling.

What was formerly a US coast guards boat, now fitted with a fiberglass bottom for a glimpse of what lies beneath, Pisces will get you out more swiftly than the average tour boat, allowing even more snorkel time at multiple prime locations. Captain Chloe McKey, born and raised in Bermuda, is very knowledgeable about our ocean’s history and aquatic ecosystem. She took over the business in 2010 and continues to offer a more personal (and personable) experience on her 31-foot vessel. The maximum capacity is 16 making it perfect for larger families or groups.

After a short snorkel close to shore, you can find yourself at the Western Blue Cut in no time. It’s the site of a lavish sea garden and The Montana, a Civil War steamer that wrecked in 1863, is now sheathed in coral. The Constellation, the setting for the 1997 film, The Deep, isn’t far off. Originally built in 1918, she was sold to a Mr. Robert L. Royall in 1932. The stories say that he’d had the sailboat rebuilt as sort of floating marine school, but a lack of outside interest saw him putting her up for sale within a year. This reestablished cargo vessel sunk in 1943 and, as if fulfilling this early prophecy, now plays host to a horde of marine life. Large populations of parrotfish, among others, are drawn to the wreck. You’ll see speckled eels and octopus, groupers and chubs at this popular dive spot.

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