K.S. WaterSports offers you a wide selection of Kayaks from their Hamilton and St. George’s locations! Plan your own adventure as you cruise over Bermuda’s glistening turquoise waters and coral reefs plus explore hidden coves, inlets and harbours at your own pace and leisure!

An amazing way to explore the beautiful St. George’s or Hamilton Harbour and all the surrounding islands and bays located in these areas. K.S. WaterSports has a range of brand new single person and double person Ocean Kayaks, plus glass bottom Kayaks to choose from that will suit your needs. They will assist you with creating your own personal adventure around several sheltered bays and inlets, gorgeous pink sand beaches and areas to spot sea turtles and longtail birds. Our experienced staff will provide you with a waterproof map outlining points and places of interest to see, areas to avoid, but most importantly where to have the most fun during your kayaking adventure. Their kayak rentals are great for beginners and experienced users who want to get out on the water and travel at their own pace and leisure and to the itinerary of their liking. Kayak rentals are offered from their Hamilton Location and St. George’s location at this time.

Things To Know:

  • A detailed orientation and map will be given to all participants prior to taking your kayak out.
  • A K.S. WaterSports staff member will show you how to operate the kayak properly, docking, turning, rules of the water, and what to expect while out on the water.
  • All life jackets are provided to each person.
  • Once the orientation is over then it’s time to get in your kayak and start your adventure!
  • Must be 18 years or older to take a kayak out on your own.

For more information or to book your Kayak Rental online with K.S. WaterSports, please visit
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Hamilton Location:
Hamilton Princess Hotel & Marina
Tel: 441-232 4155
76 Pitts Bay Road,
Pembroke, HM 08
7 days a week from 9am – 6:30pm

St. George’s Location:
Waterfront of the White Horse Pub & Restaurant
Tel: 441-297 4155
8 King’s Square,
St. George’s, GE 05
7 days a week from 9am-6:30pm