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Living with the Ocean has opened at the BUEI. A collaboration with Catlin, the exhibition takes us on a virtual tour via their immersive explores how we interact with our oceans and uses state-of-the-art technology allowing for an immersive Google Earth experience. Seven large interactive screens allow you to explore our planet and “dive” beneath our oceans to visit coral reefs around the world.

We had the pleasure of being shown the exhibit by Project Manager, Jessica Meredith. “First of all, Catlin came to us and said they’ve got this really great sea view information we want to put it on display,” she explained. “Catlin is a reinsurance company but their “social responsibility” is that they go out and they’re actually helping scientists gather information about issues like climate change and sea level rise and things like that. So they’re doing it because it helps them better predict risk for all of their analysis and stuff but they also want to share the information. So they came here and asked us to teach people about the ocean, why we should care about it. So that’s where the title comes from. We’re all connected to the ocean whether we have it in our backyards, like in Bermuda, or whether we’re in the middle of the desert and that’s because oxygen comes circulates or weather, it gives us food, transportation, lots of things but it’s under threat.”

The displays explain very clearly a little bit about what we get from the ocean, like food, oxygen, water, but it also shows people that the ocean is under threat at the moment. Plastic pollution, overfishing, climate change are all really starting to affect it.

BUEI is offering free tours to camps and school groups. To book a tour contact 294-0206 or email [email protected]

BUEI is open 7 days a week from 10am – 5pm. Last admission at 4pm.

For more information call 292-7219.

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