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Offshore Bermuda, Watersport Adventures in August

By Kamryn Minors

Being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean there is no doubt that there are countless ways to submerge yourself in Bermuda¹s waters. Take a look at a list of 8 watersport adventures & activities you can do while you are here.

Wakeboard with AXIS Adrenaline Watersports

Wakeboarding is the ultimate way to ride the waves in Bermuda. Strap yourself in and hold on for an exciting and high-speed adventure, accompanied by stunning landscapes. Whether you are a first time wake boarder or have years of experience, the knowledgeable staff at AXIS make sure that you feel comfortable and motivated to put your skills to the test. AXIS provides many other watersport activities to test your limits; book today for an adventure you will not forget. Reservations: 441 537 1114,

Tour the island on a Glass Bottom Boat with Just Add Water

Of course you can rent a boat and explore Bermuda’s waters that way, but why not take a more unique approach. At Just Add Water, tour the island on a boat with a see-through bottom and take a glimpse of Bermuda’s marine life from a different perspective without getting wet. As you hover over the waters, keep an eye out for bright and colourful fish, sea turtles, and the abundance of coral reefs. At Just Add Water their friendly staff and personalized tours cater to your oceanic desires. Reservations: 441 707 5000,

Speed around on the WildCat with KS Watersports with KS Watersports

Hold on tight! The WildCat is K.S. Watersports’ 50ft, high-speed powerboat with a need for speed. There are numerous packages to choose from if you are looking to sightsee, explore shipwrecks, or historical forts. A popular tour for locals and tourists is the Round The Island Adventure, which allows you to see the entirety of Bermuda from different angles. Zoom along the choppy waters of the South and North Shore for an exciting and fun-packed roller coaster trip. This package is open to all ages, for an experience guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Reservations: 441 238 4155,

Go on a Jet Ski adventure with Sea Venture Watersports

Explore the western-end of Bermuda with Sea Venture Watersports. Once you navigate through the small islands surrounding Jews Bay you will soon be in the Great Sound. This body of water is perfect for testing your speed limits, and the 2-hour Jet Ski safari package allows you to visit sites not accessible by car or bike. Take a refreshing break along the way and learn about Bermuda’s history and marine life, or look below the crystal blue waters and watch the fish feed on the coral. This is so much more than a Jet Ski adventure! Reservations: 441 238 6881,

Take a scuba dive with the fish at Snorkel Park Beach

With such an abundance of coral reefs, Snorkel Park Beach is the perfect location to scuba dive. This scuba adventure is a great introduction to scuba diving without the requirement of a PADI certification. Once you learn the theory and practical skills you will be guided during a shallow water dive where you explore Bermuda’s marine life including fish and coral. This fun and exhilarating experience will create memories for the entire family. Reservations: 441 234 6989,

Go on a snorkeling charter with Oyster Point Yacht Chaters aboard the Bright Star II

Sail away with Oyster Point Yacht Charters on their luxurious and spacious 55ft vessel, equipped with a galley, dining salon and cabins below the deck for overnight charters. During your charter, if you spot an area that is of interest to you, the friendly captain and crew are more than happy to drop the anchor and let you explore, as snorkel gear is readily available at your fingertips. Their flexible schedules give you the opportunity to customize your trip and allows you the freedom to do what you want to do. Reservations: 441 238 0116,

Encounter at Dolphin Quest

Amongst the old limestone buildings, cannons and shipwreck artifacts is the historical National Museum of Bermuda and Bermuda’s own dolphin exhibit, Dolphin Quest. Although watching the dolphins is fun in itself, swimming with these friendly sea creatures is so much better. The Encounter package is popular for all ages and gives you 45 minutes to interact and swim alongside the dolphins. Have your picture taken while you rub their bellies and give them a kiss for a memorable experience, guaranteed to make you fall in love. Reservations: 441 234 4464,

Kayak at Tobacco Bay

On the northeastern tip of Bermuda is the historical Tobacco Bay Beach. There are countless amenities including watersport rentals, a restaurant and beach bar and live music to be enjoyed by all. If you are travelling alone or in a group you can rent a kayak for 1/2 a day and explore the surrounding landscapes. Follow the coast along the North Shore or navigate through the rock formations and visit the tucked away, Achilles Bay Beach. If you paddle a bit further you will see Fort St. Catherine and the beautiful white-sand beach just beyond the corner. Go at your own pace for an easy paddle around the east end. Reservations: 441 705-SAND (7263),

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Offshore Bermuda, Watersport in August