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September in Bermuda

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September in Bermuda – A few suggestions from us to you



Be the captain of your own Boston Whaler- with rentals available at three easily-accesible K.S. Watersports locations. For your nautical adventure, you can opt for 16’ or 13’ boats, which seat up to 6 and 4 people, respectively. Each boat comes equipped with amenities so you can make the most of your expedition. Before you set off, you’ll be briefed by their helpful staff on everything from safety features, to the best places to cruise or drop the anchor. Enjoy the flexibility to go where you wish and visit small isolated islands; relax on one of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches or snorkel around some of the many shipwrecks. kswatersports.com


Take the road less travelled to the very Northeastern tip of Bermuda, where you’ll find Achille’s Bay tucked away deep in the heart of St. George’s parish. This tiny pinch of paradise is bliss at your finger tips – a gorgeous white sand beach situated just below the historic Fort St. Catherine, with a fabulous restaurant in the backdrop. The Beach House at Blackbeard’s boasts a simple but interesting menu, and even has a Tiki Beach bar, located beachside so you don’t have to dry off for a refreshing cocktail. We love a quiet beach that caters to our every need, and this one has it all! Lounge chairs, umbrellas, great food nearby and tasty drinks. What more could you possibly need?


Horseshoe Bay Beach is ranked one of the best beaches in the world, equally loved by tourists and locals. The natural beauty of the turquoise waters, pink sands, and surrounding fauna is purely paradise. If you are feeling adventurous climb to the top of the limestone cliffs that overlooks the coast, or take a stroll through the sandy dunes behind the beach. The Rum Bum Beach Bar rents lounge chairs and umbrellas to shelter you from the heat, and their grill serves tasty burgers, sandwiches, and salads as well as refreshing frozen drinks and sodas.


If you thought Bermuda was beautiful above ground, you have no idea. The golden-coloured cave formations at Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves are awe-inspiring and the crystal blue waters are like nothing you’ve seen before. Not only do you experience the beauty of these caves but also the tour guides teach you about the history and formation of the limestone rock caves. Take a walk above the water on a floating pontoon walkway and if you feel a drop from above it’s good luck, also known as a cave kiss. When the guide turns the lights out in the cave your senses are enlightened as you hear the droplets of water softly drip off of stalactites into the water. It is worth the hike down to see these magnificent cave formations.


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September in Bermuda