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Brush up on the Basics

By Lyndsey Scott-Furtado Beauty Advisor & Aesthetician, A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd.

Nothing quite excites me more than new makeup brushes. Whether you share my enthusiasm or not, there’s no doubt that the right tools can make all the difference in your makeup application and end result. With so many choices on the market, building a brush kit can be intimidating so I have chosen a few of my go-to essentials to get you started.

All About That Base

My favorite foundation brush has to be the Full Coverage Face Brush by Bobbi Brown. The synthetic fibers are great with the use of creams and liquid foundations and work perfectly with a cream blush. The bristles are tightly compacted to give a flawless, streak free, airbrush finish.

The Eyes Have It

There are so many eye shadow brushes out there, all meant for different application techniques. The two most important and easiest to work with in my opinion are a flat eye shadow brush for basic allover application and a blending brush for blending colors together or into the crease. Ensure your eye shadow is well blended and have that professional look every time, by using the Bare Minerals Blender Brush. A great flat eye shadow brush for basic application is the Eye Shadow Brush from Clinique.

The Cheek of It

I cannot go anywhere without a little blush or bronzer. Even if I don’t wear anything else, I feel like a bit of color in the face can really liven up any complexion. The Blush Brush from Bobbi Brown is my go-to for applying powderblush. It’s luxuriously soft bristles are perfect for blending any powder blush seamlessly and the shape deposits just the right amount of product without the risk of the stripey clown effect.  Use the side of the brush in the hollows of the cheeks with a little bronzer

Keep It Clean

It is absolutely imperative that you clean you brushes on a regular basis. Good quality makeup brushes can be an excellent investment; if you treat them with some TLC they will be an investment that will last you for years of beautiful makeup applications. I recommend cleaning your brushes every couple of weeks with the Bobbi Brown Brush Conditioning Shampoo. The Brush Cleaning Spray from Bobbi Brown is also an excellent way to keep your brushes bacteria-free in between washes and will ensure you don’t get any product build up which can interfere with the finished look.

For more brush options and advice, book a one on one with Lyndsey Scott Furtado by calling 1-441 295-3961.

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