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  • Lyndsey Scott-Furtado

Stay Beautiful while walking on Sunshine in Bermuda

Lyndsey Scott-Furtado Beauty Advisor & Aesthetician, A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd.

Summer is here, the season we’ve all been waiting for. The beach parties are in full swing, the ocean is sparkling and the swizzles are flowing. It’s no secret that the number one beauty product for summer will always be sunscreen. But let’s not forget about all the other exciting summer beauty picks to get you through those endless days at the beach.

Flip Flop feet

Summer is the season to dig out those flip flops and sandals so we really need to give those tootsies some love. Because let’s face it, chipped toenail polish and neglected heels are not a pretty sight. Give calluses a once over every week with the Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone, make sure to moisturize directly after and every evening with Origins All-Purpose High Elevation Cream, which is great for any dry or cracked areas. Finish with Estee Lauder Nail polish in Berry Hot for that bright summer pop.

Sweet scent of Summer

There are so many beautiful fragrances on the market right now. Unfortunately most of them, if worn in the sun can make the skin very photo-sensitive causing sun damage, irritation and pigmentation. Clarins Eau Ressourcante is a fresh, uplifting fragrance with essential oils and plant extracts to treat and hydrate the skin. This is my go-to fragrance if I am heading out to the beach, it smells so light and clean, and best of all it is non-photosensitizing.

The No-tan Tan

There’s no denying, most people look healthier with a little color, however it’s not very healthy to sit out in the sun for hours. Self-tanners are a great way to add a sun-kissed glow to the skin without the sun’s harmful rays. La Mer Gradual Tan for Face and Body is a great option to give fair skins a natural glow, or intensify and extend an existing tan. The nutrient rich miracle broth really infuses skin with hydration and radiance. Decleor’s Aroma Sun Expert Self-tanning milk is also another great option and fantastic to use in preparation for sun exposure. Tahiti Vanilla, Jasmine and Rose essential oils boost the skins natural defenses and reduce reactions to sun exposure.

For more Beauty advice book a one on one with Lyndsey Scott Furtado by calling 295-3961 in A.S. Cooper Main store located on 59 Front Street, Hamilton.

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Stay Beautiful while visiting Bermuda