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By Brigitta Wohlmuth

Picturesque beaches are most likely what brought you here to Bermuda. Here are ten ways to properly connect with them before you leave:

Bermuda Cliffs

Bermuda Cliffs

Climb up the rocky cliffs

We love the South Shore beaches because they’re good for so much more than just swimming and sunbathing. The many cliffs, coves, trails and sand dunes beg to be explored and believe us, they have lots to share. Take your camera, and climb up the rocky cliffs at Horseshoe Bay. Where the heavens meet the earth, you can marvel at the panoramic view of Bermuda’s favourite beach.  Afterwards, we recommend joining Spicelands Equestrian Centre for a guided tour of the South Shore Park on horseback. No experience required, and you can book easily online via bermuda.com

Unleash your inner sand-artist

Our blushing pink sand is a great medium to express your artistic talents. The fine grains can be manipulated in so many different ways and our annual Sand-Sculpture and Beach Art competitions always inspire us to step outside the box and really get creative! Start off with a quintessential sand castle but if that’s a bit too cliché for you then you can book a consultation with Tara Cassidy, the 2015 Sand Sculpture competition winner and 3-time winner of the Beach Art Competition, for ideas, tricks and tips on how to make a sabulous masterpiece. lagarzabermuda.com

Cozy up at a bonfire

Watch the sunset at Tobacco Bay – the most happening spot in the east end- where you can bond with the beach and the locals too!  At their weekly Friday ‘Sunset, Bonfires & Bohemia’ event, you will enjoy the beach (minus the blazing sun) as everyone gathers around the warmth of a crackling bonfire. Have a few cocktails, toast some s’mores and sing along to live guitar music as you mingle with others at this happy-hour-esque gathering. tobaccobay.bm

Scour for seashells, trinkets & treasures

As you walk along the beach, be sure to keep your eyes peeled because you never know what you might find washed ashore. Seashells make wonderful keepsakes, and if you’re lucky you might even discover some rare coloured sea-glass, or maybe a quirky piece of coral. The Atlantic Jewellery Studio in the Washington Mall makes stunning designs by embedding these oceanic elements into pendants, charms, earrings and more. Take them your trinkets and ask them to customize a special piece just for you. atlanticjewellery.bm

Bermuda Yoga

Bermuda Yoga

Do some ‘sea salutations’

Every now and then, it’s nice to take yoga away from the mat. With Kinetix Yoga, you can find your balance on a SUP board and practice your asanas offshore in a gentle but challenging yoga experience at Daniel’s Head Beach.  Or, join them at Chaplin Bay for a grounding yoga practice at sunrise or sunset. Once you finally do get back to the mat, you’ll likely find that Tadasana (the mountain pose) never felt so good as with the cool pink sand beneath your toes. gokinetix.com

Plan a picnic at Shelly Bay

Any beach in Bermuda is the idyllic spot for a picnic. Find a place to perch and make a firm resolution to yourself to relax and leave your worries behind. The need to feed yourself should not disturb the peace you find in paradise, so plan ahead and make sure you bring lots of snacks and water to last the whole day. Most hotels offer their guests a portable picnic lunch, which the concierge can easily arrange. For example, The Reefs in Southhampton provide this wonderful luxury service; a basket filled with delicious goodies and bottle of champgagne, all conveniently packed for you to-go, wherever you like. thereefs.com

Make a lasting memory

It’s one of the most romantic settings in the world and every summer couples from around the globe flock here to exchange vows on our rosy shores.  But you don’t have to get married to create the picture-perfect memory of a lifetime. Amanda Temple is a highly-skilled, local fine-art photographer whose portraits are the ultimate keepsakes, coveted by residents and visitors alike. Contact her to organize a photo-shoot on the beach, and with her lens she will capture a magic moment, that you can frame, cherish and share – wherever, whenever, forever. amandatemple.com

Learn some new dance moves

How low can you go? On Thursday evenings at Snorkel Park, you can brush up on your moves at their weekly, Tiki Beach Party. From 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Bermuda’s best Carnival DJ’s spin soca and reggae tunes while the crowd gets loose on the beach-side dance floor. At this lively party you can kick off your shoes and do the limbo, hop in a conga line or learn some cool soca moves, taught by their exotic beach dancers.  snorkelparkbeach.com

Southlands Beach

Southlands Beach

Ditch the crowd

There are over 100 beaches on this island and less than 10% of these are in active “commercial” use. Visitors are typically directed to the popular ones boasting amenities like rentals, cantines, bathrooms etc. Still that leaves the lion’s share to be enjoyed void of the masses. If you’re the introverted type then find a quiet beach and make it your own. We recommend Southlands beach in Warwick or the pristine beaches within Cooper’s reserve. Just be extra careful swimming where there is no lifeguard on duty.

Go for a moonlight swim

The water is always warmer at night and the gentle, foamy waves make you feel like you’re in a giant bubbly Jacuzzi. Trust us, it’s a magical experience and one of the ultimate ways to bond with our beaches. Elbow Beach is perfect for late night swims, where the darkness is a little less scary thanks to the lights from the hotel as well as a few overhead street lamps. Every Friday night at Sea Breeze Terrace, the hotel’s outdoor lounge, they host a chilled-out Ibiza style house party until midnight, after which you’ll likely be in the spirit to get (at least) your feet wet.  Who knows, under the mystical lunar influence you just might decide to stay there all night and watch the morning sunrise.

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