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by Brigitta Wohlmuth

The shifting season calls us to experience Mother Nature’s many gifts. Here are ten ways to celebrate the return of spring in Bermuda!

Bermuda-Whale-Watching1. See the Humback Whales

Watching them glory in their natural habitat beats any show at SeaWorld.  From now until April you can spot these magnificent creatures in our waters as they migrate north. There are a number of tours that will take you offshore to see the whales up close and personal, or you can look for them at various points along the South Shore Coast.

If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse, but whale watching from land requires patience (and ideally binoculars.) Save yourself the disappointment and check out: islandtourcentre.com

2. Go Loquat Picking Bermuda-Loquats

Sweet, tangy and succulent – that’s the best way to describe them. Some are sweeter, some are more tangy, but the fun is always in climbing the tree and breaking off a bunch to pick through, carefully sampling each one until you find that perfect loquat! As we enter the heart of loquat season, the juicy yellow fruit that began to bloom in February should be perfectly golden-ripe by now. This is a quintessential, local ritual that connects you directly to the veins of Mother Earth. Loquats are a delicious addition to jams, pies, soufflé, cocktails and more!

Warwick-Long-Bay-Bermuda3. Hike Along the South Shore

The sound of the waves crashing, the smell of bay grapes in the air, the soft-pink sand beneath your feet… these are just a few elements that when combined, will bring even the highest flying individuals back down to earth. Of all the green spaces in Bermuda, it just doesn’t get any more holistic than the South Shore.  We reccomend an  Eco-Walking Tour, where expert guides take you up and down the sandy dunes teaching you about the island’s unique flora and fauna, the coastal habitats, boiler reefs and history. For reservations, contact the Hamilton VIC. 441 295 1480


4. Tour the Botanical Gardens Botanical-Gardens-Bermuda

Located in Paget parish is a modern-day Garden of Eden, with a miracle to marvel at in every corner. See a rainbow of multi-colored roses, waltz down the hibiscus trails and inhale the hypnotic aroma of the Frangipani! The gardens offer a variety of walking tours that take you right to the soil. 441 236 4484

Crystal-Caves-Bermuda5. Visit Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Blinging from wall to wall, these caves are like a galactic jewelry store! See century old crystal clusters hanging like chandeliers over a 20m deep azure blue lake. The surrounding stalagmites, stalactites, and crystal soda straws will give you the feeling that you stepped into a futuristic sci-fi film (starring Vin Diesel, maybe?), only the special effects in this attraction are 100% au natural. caves.bm

6. Discover Bermuda’s Hidden GemsTom-Moores-Jungle-Bermuda

Take an exotic adventure through a cherry-tree jungle, deep into the ancient caves, past blue lagoons and across the mangrove filled wetlands! The Hidden Gems Eco-Tour navigates you through our diverse nature reserves, from the historic Spital Pond to the mysterious Tom Moore’s jungle. Don’t miss these natural, national treasures! islandtourcentre.com

Bermuda-Rock-Climbing7. Scale the Limestone Cliffs

Climbing to the peaks of our sea-side cliffs to jump into the water is sort of an unofficial sport here.  Traditionally a local pastime known as “cliff-diving” this activity has evolved, now attracting more thrill-seekers to the island, with the WSJ calling us “The New Destination for adrenaline Junkies.”  It’s an awesome experience, the gritty, texture of limestone beneath your fingers, the salty breeze blowing gently, and the endless blue sky mirroring an endless ocean – you’ ll never want to clamber up one of those indoor cliffs at the gym again!

8. Skim through the sea in a kayak Bermuda-Kyaking

Explore the beauty of the ocean,  as you paddle around reefs and over the frothy waves. See colorful fish and marine gardens full of sea-fans, corals, and friendly anemones. K.S Watersports has three convenient location across the island (Somerset, St. George’s & Hamilton) where you can rent a one or two person kayak and plan your own itinerary for a day of discovery and adventure  in the sea- our greatest natural resource.

Bermuda-Bike-Riding9. Cycle along the old Railway Trail 

This is a great way to steer your way through our natural world! Bermuda has been train-less for almost three quarters of a century, but the railway trail still serves as an alternative route to getting from East to West – most appreciated by walkers, joggers, cyclists and nature lovers. Frommer’s travel guide calls it one of its “favorite Bermuda experiences” because of the, “panoramic sea-scapes, exotic flora and fauna, and soothing sounds of the island’s bird life”. But the whole trail would take you days to explore by foot, so contact islandtourcentre.com

10. Tour the Island on Horseback Bermuda-Horse-Back-Riding

Trot over hills, through scenic trails, and pink-sand beaches with a gallant horse as your companion and guide! There’s hardly a better way to experience nature then by bonding with one of these graceful animals. So why not book a trail ride during your stay in Bermuda? Spicelands Stables, offers tours that will take you over some of the island’s lushest landscapes to experience the outdoors in this unique way! spicelandsriding.com

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Ten Ways to get in Touch with Nature in Bermuda