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Ten Ways  to Ride Bermuda Waves

By Brigitta Wohlmuth & Kamryn Minors

Bermuda may not be one of the leading surfing destinations in the world, but there are still plenty ways to ride our turquoise-blue waves. Here are our suggestions:



Go with the wind

Due to our surrounding reefs, the ocean swell isn’t great enough to create big surf-able waves in Bermuda, unless of course a storm is approaching, in which case please stay out of the water!  You can go Kite-surfing instead, which allows you to surf the waves with the aid of a kite to pull you wherever the wind blows. Check out islandwindsbermuda.com, they offer 2-hour kite boarding sessions as well as a full day of training, so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable experience.

Board the sea

Embrace your inner dare devil as you shred through the waves! Axis Adrenaline Projects “put the sport in watersports”,  and promise a thrilling and challenging experience to all you adrenaline junkies out there.  Spend a day with them and you can ride the waves, behind their 21ft custom built Catalina boat.  You have the options to wake-board, wake-surf, or go tubing, all in one day! Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, all levels of experience are welcome.  axisbermuda.com

Zip through the current

Book a Jet Ski Adventure tour with KS Watersports– rated one of the best on the island- and you’ll soon be making waves like a pro. They have over 6 different tours to choose from, and boast top-of-the-line jet ski models by SeaDoo and Yamaha. On their guided tours you can see historical sites along our coastline,  weave throughout coral formations and sea gardens, and even stop to feed the fish at the site of the H.M.S. Vixen Shipwreck. kswatersports.com

Ride above or below

Experience what it feels like to be like the most feared creature in the ocean aboard the Sea Breacher – a super-unique and new watercraft to Bermuda. The semi-submersible lets you explore the water 3-5 feet below, and is designed to look like an 18ft shark. Just like the flying Great Whites seen on Nat Geo’s Shark Week, you too can soar out of the water and make a splash! Located in St. George’s, this is one of the coolest new ways to ride with the waves in Bermuda. kinezumiadventures.com



Paddle power

What do you get when you combine a bicycle with a kayak? A hydrobike. Similar to  a boat, the hydrobike provides a safe and efficient means of water transportation even in the windiest and waviest conditions. The hydrobike is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and a fast n’ fun way to ride the waves for all ages and levels of experience. It can hold up to 300lbs! You can find them at Daniel’s Head Beach Park in Somerset, where they’re available for rent by the hour. hydrobikebermuda.com

Glide on by

They may look like surfboards but they are way easier to get the hang of. SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle) boards are perfect for exploring the coastline and great for increasing balance and core strength, yet virtually anyone can do it! Check out SurfSup Bermuda at Long Bay in Somerset.  They cater to all your surfing needs, and even offer wind surfing rentals, in case you want to glide by at a faster pace. surfsupbermuda.com



Kayak around

Row, row, row your boat gently over the waves, if you see a swimming turtle you will be amazed! Fancy that little remix? Then consider renting a Kayak – a great way to explore the coastline and see indigenous fish and marine life in their natural habitat. Fortunately, there are no crocodiles in Bermuda, but just be careful not to hit a reef! crystalclearkayaksbda.com

Motor Muscle

Find a cozy spot and drop the anchor. Embrace your inner adventurous side by renting a Boston Whaler boat from Somerset Bridge Watersports. Spend a few hours with your family, coasting along the waters, above coral reefs, and in between islands. Equipped with snorkel gear, a cooler, fish food and life vests, you can have fun and feel comfortable at the same time. There is plenty to see in the west end and renting a boat allows you to experience more. bdawatersports.com

Cruise with class

Hoist the sails! Set sail on a catamaran adventure through Bermuda’s crystal blue waters. The Restless Native is a soft pink catamaran offering spectacular views of the islands natural landscapes. Get the family together and embark on a snorkeling and kayaking adventure, or as the night begins to unwind, take a sunset and cocktail cruise, offering breathtaking views of Bermuda’s colourful sunset. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, the day is what you make it with the Restless Native. restlessnative.bm



Rise up

It’s all in the name! Flyboarding seems to be the latest craze for thrill seekers as the trick is to balance on a board that spews out water from underneath. Sounds crazy right? Once you get the hang of the movements you’ll want to go higher and higher, or maybe try some tricks. The flyboarding instructors are there with you to coach and motivate you every step of the way. By the end of the session you will be guaranteed to want more. coconutrocket.com

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