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Ten Ways to Tour Bermuda

by Brigitta Wohlmuth

There are so many ways to tour the islands of Bermuda, you will want to try more than one way for you or your family to enjoy this beautiful island. You can take a self-guided tour by simply hopping on the bus or ferry. Or experience the island in a unique and exiting way with any one of these guided tours!

Tour the Islands of Bermuda1.Off Shore

Zip through the waves on a jet-ski safari or hop a ride on the fast and furious Wild-Cat boat! K.S. Watersports offer loads of exciting tours and rentals, from kayaking to parasailing, this “one-stop-shop” for off-shore adventures gives you access to the island from a whole new plane. So choose to stick with the group or plan your own private excursion, whatever type of tour you want their friendly staff can make it happen.


2. From AboveTour the Islands of Bermuda

Tour these 21 square miles of breath-taking beauty like the gulls in the sky! Blue Sky Flights aerial tours offer a totally unique way to see the island. Aboard their Cessna Skyhawk Aircraft you can dip below the clouds to get a birds-eye-view of our beaches, golf courses, forts and coral reefs. These private, customizable aerial tours are the first and only available in Bermuda.


Tour the Islands of Bermuda3. With the lighthouse keeper’s grand-daughter

Heidi Cowen is a fifth generation Bermudian who comes from a long line of lighthouse keepers. Her grandfather was Bermuda’s  last lighthouse keeper, and she grew up in the little house attached to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. ByWays Tours is her solo-run operation and her niche is in sharing “the island magic” from her unique perspective. Join her for a fun and intimate tour as she takes you to some of Bermuda’s most interesting and unusual sites. Her charisma and passion for the island is infectious, earning her the 2015 Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor.


Tour the Islands of Bermuda

4. By Segway

Walking can be tiring… so why not experience the cutting-edge technology of the Segway Human Transporter? The self-balancing machine is both fun and easy to ride and this one-of-a-kind tour allows you to effortlessly glide down the streets of Dockyard – a lively hub of history and culture. 


Tour the Islands of Bermuda5. Off-The-Beaten-Track

For the adventurers, explorers, environmentalists, and the wild-at-heart. The Hidden Gems Eco-tours reveal Bermuda’s best-kept secrets: our beautiful nature reserves. See the ancient caves, blue lagoons, cherry tree jungles, and mangrove filled wetlands with Ashley Harris as your guide, a fourth generation Bermudian and former teacher who has completely changed the game in local tourism.

6. With a ghostly guideTour the Islands of Bermuda

St. George’s aka “Ye Olde Ghoste Towne” is steeped in mystery and history dating back to the early 1600s.  You can hear the eerie tales of the past on the Haunted History Tour- one of the hottest new attractions for both visitors and locals.  Walk through the winding alleys and old cobbled lanes of this UNESCO World Heritage site, but beware! Your footsteps may awaken those who slumber beneath the ground.


Tour the Islands of Bermuda7. Below Sea-level

Under the sea you can tour the many coral reefs and shipwrecks that surround the island. Learn why Bermuda is called “The Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic” on a snorkelling cruise that lets you explore Bermuda’s colorful and vibrant underwater world.


 8Tour the Islands of Bermuda. By choo-choo train

The kids will love this tour! See the bustling City of Hamilton, the old town of St. George’s as well as Dockyard on this shiny red locomotive. The charming little chugger is somewhat of a local icon, inviting guests to hop on board and explore the island in a quirky but comfortable way.


Tour the Islands of Bermuda

9. Along the old railway trail

Enjoy “panoramic sea-scapes, exotic flora and fauna, and the soothing sounds of the island’s bird life”- three reasons Frommer’s Travel guide calls the old railway trail one of its ‘favorite Bermuda experiences’.  We recommend taking a guided Horseback or cycling tour, bookable via:



10. By private estate

Tour the Islands of BermudaLearn about Bermuda’s history, culture and unique architecture by taking a private custom tour of the island’s preserved estates. The Bermuda National Trust is a local charity that protects and maintains the islands natural, historic and architectural treasures. They can arrange tours to view some of the island’s most prized possessions such as the century old mansions of Waterville and Verdmont.

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Tour the Islands of Bermuda