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By Alexandra Lima

Photography by Akil J. Simmons

Bermuda is infamous for its pink sand beaches, colorful cottages and knee high socks; one would not normally associate much of the above with intensity and power. In actual fact, Bermuda’s scenic and delicate backdrop sets the stage for one of the most brawny and physical games in the world.

The World Rugby Classic is a week long event showcasing eight teams, ten games and one celebrated champion. With clubs representing Canada, United States, Argentina, France, South Africa, Italy and not to mention last year’s winner, New Zealand, the Classic features some of the world’s best former professional players. Considering the brute strength, speed and agility of the gladiator like athletes, what better place to be than in Bermuda during the World Rugby Classic?

Rugby is a game played with 15 players on each side, who work together to move the ball laterally in order to advance it towards the goal line. Five points are awarded for each ‘Tri’, when the ball is touched down in the opponent’s end zone, but there are also ‘Conversion’s’, ‘Drop Goal’s’ and ‘Penalty kick’s’ to acquire points. Combine these various scoring techniques, with forceful tackles and the notorious rugby ‘Scrum’; all while enjoying local flavor under the various hospitality tents, The World Rugby Classic is an event you don’t want to miss.

Watch players and teams reclaim their glory at one of the most unique sporting events to be hosted annually in Bermuda.

This year the Classic will be held at the Bermuda National Sports Centre on November 8th -14th.

For tickets or to view the full schedule please visit


  • Phone: 1 441-295-8085
  • Address: 50 Stadium Cottage, Frog Lane, Devonshire
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