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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bermuda?
The island is 32 degrees north of the equator in the North Atlantic, closest land mass is Cape
Hatteras which is 640 miles away. Flights from Boston and New York take less than two hours.

Where is the ship docked?
The Royal Naval Dockyard at the westernmost point of Bermuda. The ships are alongside Heritage Wharf or King’s Wharf.

What is the currency?
The Bermuda dollar is the same value as the US dollar and they are interchangeable.

Why are the roofs white?
We collect rainfall on our roofs for our water supply, so the roofs must be kept clean.

Do all the beaches have pink sand?
The south shore beaches vary from white to pink.

Is Bermuda independent?
Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and Bermudians are British subjects.

Does Bermuda have an airport?
The L.F. Wade International Airport is in the east end of the island and has direct flights to Boston, NYC, Philadelphia (all under two hours), Washington, Charlotte (two hours), Toronto, Atlanta, Miami (three hours) and London (under 7 hours).

What is there to do in the Royal Naval Dockyard?
Everything is within walking distance or there is a trolley train which transports visitors to points around Dockyard.
The National Museum of Bermuda, 10am to 5 pm, $15 pp, under 16 free
Dolphin Quest, located in the National Museum of Bermuda
Bermuda Craft Market, 9am to 8pm
Snorkel Park Beach, $5, Sundays free
Dockyard Glassworks & the Bermuda Rum Cake Company, 8am-9pm
Clocktower Shopping Mall
Bermuda Clayworks
Bermuda Fun Golf

What is there to do in thr City of Hamilton?
Ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton (20 minutes). Bus #7 or #8 from Dockyard to Hamilton (one hour).
Bermuda Historical Society Museum in the Bermuda National Library
Bermuda National Gallery, City Hall ($5)
Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall
Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity
Fort Hamilton
Visit the Hamilton Visitor Information Centre next to the Ferry Terminal on Front Street for maps and directions.
The Central Bus Terminal is located on Church Street in Hamilton.

What is there to do in the Town of St. George
Ferry from Dockyard direct (45 min) or ferry to Hamilton (20 min) and then take bus 1, 3, 10 or 11 (45-65 min).
World Heritage Centre ($5)
Tucker House Museum ($5)
National Trust Museum ($5)
Bermudian Heritage Museum ($4)
St. George’s Historical Society Museum ($5)
Bermuda Perfumery
St. Peter’s Church
Ten minute walk from the town –
Fort St. Catherine ($7)
Tobacco Bay Beach House
Achilles Bay and Gates’ Bay
Visit the St. George’s Visitor Information Centre on King’s Square for maps and directions.
The re-enactment of a public punishment for gossips and nags takes place in King’s Square at 12 noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Are there any other must see attractions?
The Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, $10. Bus #10 or #11 from Hamilton or St. George’s.
Crystal & Fantasy Caves, $22 one cave, $30 two caves. Take bus #s 1, 3, 10 or 11 from Hamilton or St. George’s.
Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, $2.50. Bus #7 from Dockyard or Hamilton

What transportation is available?
Transportation passes give unlimited access to all public buses and ferries. One day, $15, two consecutive days, $25, three consecutive days, $35. One way bus or ferry token is $4. These are available from the Visitor Information Centres.