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Fort St. Catherine, St. George's


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Explore our famous shipwrecks



Carter House, St. David's

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Attractions & Things To Do in Bermuda

Meet dolphins up-close in Dolphin Quest’s large ocean-fed dolphin habitat where you’ll touch, feed and swim with these incredible animals. Be inspired and make a difference. Your Dolphin Quest participation supports vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific study.

Swim with dolphins, snorkel at the Snorkel Park, explore the historic National Museum of Bermuda or shop at the Clocktower Mall. By daylight or moonlight, there is so much to discover including special events scheduled all summer long!

Attractions Tips

Are you looking for popular attractions to do while you’re in Bermuda? Click on the category’s below to see all listings. There are a number of things to see and do in Bermuda. Indulge yourself in Bermuda’s waters by exploring shipwrecks or visit a museum to learn about Bermuda’s history and culture.

Art Galleries & Theatres
The City of Hamilton has plenty of history to offer, dating back to the 1700’s. City Hall & Arts Centre is located in the heart of Hamilton with two art museums and a theatre, which often showcases local talents. This art reflects the history of Bermuda’s architecture as well as today’s modern infrastructure, people and the natural environment. The Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget is home to Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Experience Bermuda as seen through the eyes of artists like Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Demuth, Jack Bush and Albert Gleizes among many others.

Horseshoe Bay Beach located along Bermuda’s stunning South Shore, has become one of the worlds most loved beaches!

There are a large number of churches in Bermuda ranging from Methodist to Seventh-day Adventist. Many of these faiths and religions played a role in Bermuda’s history and today you can see many of them still in service. The two most popular Anglican churches on the island include, Cathedral of The Most Holy Trinity located in Hamilton and St. Peter’s Church in St. Georges.

Centuries ago, the forts in Bermuda were built to protect the island from invaders. Today some have become notable museums on the island, displaying the historical war memorabilia. Built in the 19th Century, Fort Scaur was built by the British to defend the attacks from the Americans.

Historical sites and caves
The Unfinished Church in St. George’s is one of the top attractions to see in Bermuda. Crystal and Fantasy Caves is also not to be missed. It is a perfect activity for the whole family. Enjoy panoramic views of the island from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Old Bermuda State House, also known as the Sessions House is the oldest building in Bermuda built in 1620. Take the entire family on an outing to the West End…Discover the Royal Naval Dockyard…Bermuda’s Royal Outing!

Parks and nature reserves
Shelly Bay combines the natural beauty of Bermuda’s beaches with the red mangrove forests and saltwater ponds in the nature reserve. The playground and shallow water is ideal for children, while the nature trail is an easy walk for all ages. Treat yourself to an overlooking view of the ocean and Dockyard in the distance.

The Sea Venture was the first ship to wreck off the island in 1609. Since then there have been dozens of ships that where unable to make it to the island or got into trouble leaving. Montana and Constellation are popular, fascinating shipwrecks to explore.