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Water Sports in Bermuda

BDA Watersports is Bermuda’s longest running water sport facility having been in business for over 30 years.

Watersports Tips

Are looking to submerge yourself into Bermuda’s waters? Click on the category’s below to see all listings. Being surrounded by ocean, there is no wonder there are a number of watersport activities you can choose from. Spend one day snorkeling or the next day relaxing on a secluded island. In Bermuda, paradise is just outside your window.

Boat Rental & Charters
Everybody knows that the best way to see Bermuda is from the water and BDA Watersports specialize in creating wonderful experiences on the water, from budget to luxury to adventure. There are many ways to explore the waters of Bermuda and renting a boat lets you see more. Why not choose from a number of boats and tours leaving Dockyard daily with Capt. Kirk’s Coral Reef Adventures.

Diving & Snorkeling
Hang around on the surface of the water as you snorkel above reefs, or head a few feet underwater and scuba dive with the certified instructors. BDA Watersports offers a great selection of tours that feature the best in snorkeling. Hartley’s Helmet Diving is a premier undersea walk that is a delight for all ages. See the island from 10ft below sea level as you explore the sea life and pristine waters at Bermuda’s barrier reef. No scuba diving lessons or snorkeling skills are required and there is no exertion of physical activity, which is perfect for the entire family. Or join the Reef Explorer for an afternoon’s excursion of sightseeing, glass bottom and snorkeling in a secluded cove.

Baxter’s Reef Fishing, takes up to 6 people on board. Great for (novice or experienced).  Jump Dem Bones is Bermuda’s premier fly and light tackle fishing guide for Bonefish, Hogfish and other inshore species.  Paradise One Sport Fishing offers a luxurious fishing experience! We look forward to providing you with a few hours of fun and fishing aboard the Jolly Roger.

Jet Ski Feed your thirst for speed through Bermuda’s crystal blue waters on our most popular jet ski tours and rental with BDA Watersports. Whether you’re zipping along the coast and discovering all the coolest locations that you can only access  from the water, or taking some time to stop and check out our amazing underwater life from up close, Bermuda is the perfect place for adventure.

Kayaks & Paddleboards A fantastic way to explore the beautiful Ely’s harbour and beyond is to rent kayaks and paddle boards from BDA Watersports. We will help you create your own peaceful tour of the sheltered coastline spotting birds, flora, and fauna. Glide along at your own pace through crystal clear waters. Experienced guides will brief you with a detailed map, outlining points of interest.

Sailing & Parasailing
Get an aerial view of the 21-square mile island from 50ft+ in the air. KS Watersports offers the thrilling experience of flying high with the panoramic view of Bermuda.

Sightseeing & Glass Bottom
See Bermuda’s marine life from a different perspective. The Reef Comber is a glass bottom boat that ventures out to high-populated reefs around the west-end of Bermuda. The visit to the H.M.S Vixen Shipwreck is highly favored by visitors as you can see the remains of the rusted ship, which has become a feeding ground for fish. Famous Homes and Hideaways take you on an exciting tour and show you where Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones live when in Bermuda; where James Martin, Pioneer of Texas Instrument and playwright Eugene O’Neal, who’s daughter was married to Charlie Chaplin, lived and illustrator William Denslow who also lived in Bermuda for some time, most famous for his work on the “Wizard of Oz”. Learn about Bermuda’s fish, corals and turtles on board Reef Explorer’s glass bottom boat tour, which always visits Turtle Cove.

Thrill Seeker & Helmet Diving
There are plenty of things to do in Bermuda if you are a thrill seeker.  If you are looking for something that is a slower pace but still exciting, Hartley’s Helmet Diving is fun for the entire family.