Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve Bermuda

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is located at the South-Eastern end of Bermuda, in St. Davids.

This 12 acres of unspoiled and beautiful nature reserve is now part of Bermuda’s National Parks.

Until 1995, the area was restricted and occupied by the US Military. On its east is the Cooper’s Island Road,

and on its west is the beautiful Castle Harbor. Clearwater Beach and Turtle Beach are two beautiful

public beaches located next to the reserve. These shallow water beaches are popular picnic areas for families

and can get quite crowded over the weekend. But, once you are inside the reserve, it’s quiet and serene.

There are nature trails through a vast stretch of woodland area. Although much of the reserve is filled with introduced

plantations like Brazil pepper, casuarinas and allspice, there are patches where you can find

heavy concentration of Bermuda cedars, palmettos and olivewoods.

How to get there…
There is no public transportation that will take you right to Coopers Island.
Take bus #6 from town of St. George for St. David’s Lighthouse.
Then walk along the Ruth’s Bay Road towards west.
Continue on Orange Hole Road along west.
You will see Cooper’s Island Road.
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