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You will need more than one trip to Bermuda to visit all of the island’s attractions! From forts and museums to parks and nature reserves, you will easily fill your days with the many opportunities to experience the flora and fauna and learn about the history and culture of our sub-tropical island.


Explore caves, dance with a dolphin, look for turtles or learn about shipwrecks and the infamous Bermuda Triangle –just a few of the activities you should plan for yourself and your family while visiting Bermuda. Whether you want to enjoy a hot-stone massage, play mini-golf at sunset or get on a jet-ski, there are activities to suit everyone’s interests.


Bermuda beaches come in all shapes and shades of sand and are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, paddle-boarding, kayaking and relaxing. Most famous are the south shore beaches, with vast stretches of pink-tinged sand, interspersed with tucked away coves.  The white sand contains pink flecks – remains of the tiny foraminifera organism that grows beneath the reef offshore – which gives it a rosy hue.

As a tiny island with a beautiful coastline surrounded by turquoise water, it’s no wonder there are so many watersports to choose from. Snorkeling, kayaking, SNUBA, helmet diving, fishing and scuba diving are just a few of the ways to enjoy and explore Bermuda’s waters. Whether you join a glass-bottom boat tour or rent your own pontoon boat, watersports are bound to be part of your Bermuda experience.

Things To Do This Fall in Bermuda!

Fall Events in Bermuda
Fall is an amazing month to enjoy Bermuda! With temperatures cooling, it is the perfect month for walking tours, outdoor activities, sunsets and long walks on the beach. History and art are plentiful on our tiny island – here are a few of the activities to take advantage of this month. For more events, ongoing daily events and activities Click Here

The Bermuda Triangle : Unlock the secrets at BUEI's Ocean Discovery Centre

The Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets at BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre
BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre is designed to enlighten visitors and locals alike as it ‘unlocks the secrets’ of the mysterious phenomenon that is The Bermuda Triangle.
Click Here

Explore Bermuda’s Historic Forts
Bermuda Forts are easy to find and in picturesque areas – you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy them. Most have been restored, some are in parks, but all have gorgeous views. Click Here

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Things to do in Bermuda