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Bermuda is a diverse destination with something for everyone and any interest. With many Associations and Clubs, Bermuda has never felt more like home.

West Indian Association of Bermuda

A group for for all members of the West Indian community in Bermuda, this organisation is comprised of residents of the islands in the West

Jamaican Association (Bermuda)

After being around for over 30 years, the JAB became a Bermuda Registered Charitable Organisation in 2002 (Charity No. 611).  Their members meet at the

Caledonian Society of Bermuda

Celebrating all things Scottish on The Rock, the Caledonian Society of Bermuda are known for their ceilidhs, St. Andrew’s Balls, New Year/Hogmanay Balls, Burns Suppers

American Society of Bermuda

The American Society of Bermuda aim to promote and foster harmonious relations between United States citizens living in Bermuda and Bermudians.

L’Alliance Française des Bermudes

L’Alliance Française des Bermudes allows the French, French speakers and people interested in the French culture to meet through various events. The Alliance also promotes

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