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Diving & Snorkel

Diving & Snorkeling in Bermuda

Explore the underwater world of Bermuda. Visit the many shipwrecks around the island or experience the beautiful coral reefs and see some of the ocean life that surround Bermuda.

Bermuda has remained one of the most incredible snorkelling destinations in the world, thanks to its calm, clear waters and healthy coral system. It features reefs close to the shore, is teemed with marine life, and works as a stop-off for migratory marine species like dolphins and turtles. All these make snorkelling in Bermuda one of the best experiences. 

While snorkelling in Bermuda remains a thrilling adventure, it’s best to find the best places to get the most unforgettable experience. At Bermuda.com, we want to help you get the best snorkelling experience in Bermuda. From regions where you can find 19th-century shipwrecks to regions where you can have the closest experience with marine life, here is a detailed guide that will help you find the best snorkelling spots and our top four destinations that will give you the best snorkelling experience. 

Guide to Finding the Best Snorkelling in Bermuda 

You should consider several factors to find the best snorkelling Bermuda destinations. Some of the aspects that you should look out for include: 


Given Bermuda’s many snorkelling destinations, some are easy to access, while others may be hard to find. However, thanks to Bermuda’s varied means of transport, you cannot miss finding a means that suits you. Options range from car rentals, taxis, and buses to scooter rentals and ferries. There are even small two-seat electrical vehicles for rental. 

Wonderfully Healthy Shallow Reefs 

Every snorkelling destination in Bermuda offers healthy shallow reefs for your snorkelling expeditions. However, some areas receive more tides than others, making them too shallow for snorkelling in Bermuda at low tide. This affects water visibility, especially on the outer reefs during summer. 

Availability of Marine Life 

You cannot miss finding marine life in Bermuda at any given time of the year. However, for the best experience, look for areas with the highest marine population and the rarest fish you can find. 

Weather and Water Conditions 

Bermuda offers an exceptional snorkelling experience in the Atlantic and further north than other Caribbean islands. That’s why it has varying temperatures and an almost constant air temperature all year round. The best time to snorkel is between May and October, when the temperature averages 79 degrees Fahrenheit. November to March is also an excellent time to schedule your snorkelling in Bermuda since it offers the best visibility and is considerably cooler. 

Beach Snorkelling 

Unlike other destinations, Bermuda doesn’t experience consistent easterly trade winds. This makes Bermuda beaches snorkelling the best destination for your expedition. Besides, its beaches are scattered all around instead of dominating on one coast. Therefore, regardless of where the wind will be blowing from, you can always find a calm beach to snorkel. 

Top Snorkelling Sites 

At this point, you clearly understand the various aspects of snorkelling in Bermuda. Here’s a roundup of the best four destinations you should try. 

Snorkel Park Beach 

This is the perfect beach for your kids intending to start snorkelling. Snorkelling gear is available from the beach, and you can get straight into the water. It’s famous for its rich vegetation, vibrant corals, and rich vegetation, even in shallow spots. You can find grey snappers, hogfish, lobsters, doctorfish, and angelfish fish. 

HMS Vixen 

This is one of the most famous wreck sites in Bermuda. Snorkellers can find the HMS Vixen, a Royal Navy gunboat scuttled in 1896 to work as a protective barrier around Bermuda. It offers a remarkable snorkelling experience in Bermuda, as you get up to 30 feet underwater and glimpse the wrecked ship stuck amid a surrounding active coral reef. 

Tobacco Bay 

If you’re at the East End of Bermuda, this is the best destination to visit. It features shallow waters and lots of rocky coves you can explore. Here, you’ll find schools of sky-blue patriot fish as you navigate around the huge rocks jutting out of the sea. 

Church Bay 

Known for its proximity to the Reef Hotel, this is Bermuda’s most beloved snorkelling spot. The beach area would disappear during high tide, but it offers the perfect place for experienced snorkelers since its reefs are close to the shore. It’s packed with marine life, with schools of colourful tropical fish like parrotfish, butterflyfish, and angelfish. 

Book a Snorkelling Tour 

Bermuda is definitely one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world. It offers a plethora of destinations where you can visit and experience snorkelling amid marine life and wrecked ships better than anywhere else. If you’re planning a trip to Bermuda for snorkelling and other exploration, please don’t hesitate to book your adventure today. 

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