Eda-mame (Soy beans)
Ika age-mono (Deep fried calamari)
Shrimp tempura (Served with tempura dipping sauce)
Wateri Gani (seasonal) (Soft Shell Crab tempura)
Sunomono Salada (Seaweed cucumber salad)
Ebi tempura nori make (Shrimp dumpling tempura)
Sakana tempura nori make (Fish tempura maki)
Spicy mixture of shellfish
Miso Shiru Soup
(Soya been pasta soup)
Seaweed Salad
Spicey Tuna Salad
No Name
(Deap fried Kani, Shrimp, Tempura, Scallions, Seaweed)
Scallop Tempura
Hama Kama
(Fish nugget)


(Special rolls or Hand rolls)

Rising Sun (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, smoked eel, cucumber, scallions, sesame seeds)
Watari Gani Maki (Soft Shell Crab)
Coconut Rock Maki (Salmon, cucumbers, onions, soft shell crab, sesame seeds)
Triple Delight ( Salmon, Avacado, Watari / Deep Fried)
Number One (Shrimp Tempura, Crab Stick, Outside Tossed Red Snapper + Seaweed salad)
Spicey Dragon ( Inside Spicey-Tuna, seaweed salad, Salmon skin) (outside baked Eel, Avacado)
Hot Rock (spicey Tuna, Avacado, outside tossed, pepper Tuna Ebi)


Green Tea · Japanese Beer · Sake & Plum Wine

A Bit of History…

sushi-group_listingHundreds of years ago, the Japanese used salt and rice to preserve fish, pressing it in layers until
the fish fermented. It was 1824 when a man named Hanaya Yohei first put slices of raw seafood on pads of rice. His sushi stall in Edo’sRyogoku district was an instant success, and a new culinary tradition was born. Sushi as Westerners commonly know it is from the Edo tradition; it is sushi formed by hand. In Osaka, far south of Tokyo, there is still an elaborate tradition of sushi pressed with rice in wooden boxes. As sushi became popular in Japan, sushi chefs were trained under a rigid apprenticeship program, spending years studying with a master chef before being allowed to venture out on their own. The sushi chef holds an honored position, and earns that respect by long years of training and hard days’ work. Early in the morning he is haggling with fishmongers, obtaining the best catch for the day’s sushi. Back at the shop, hours are spent preparing for the lunch hour crush of eager customers. The sushi chef has many talents. Not only is he responsible for the selection and preparation of the daily fare, but he is also “on stage” from the entry of the first customer, often chatting with the clientele and keeping track mentally of everyone’s running tally as he artfully prepares order after order.
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