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Bermuda Forts are easy to find and in picturesque areas, you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy them. Most have been restored, some are in parks, but all have gorgeous views. Today all of Bermuda Fort’s are Historical Sites.

National Museum of Bermuda

Immerse yourself in 500 years of history at the National Museum, housed within the island’s largest fort. Located in Dockyard, the 15-acre property includes British military buildings of the keep

Hidden Gems

Come along for a fun-filled day on tour with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. Our mission is to provide an experience of a lifetime exploring Bermuda’s best kept secrets. Travel with

Fort Scaur

The ramparts here offer spectacular views of Ely's Harbour and the Great Sound. To reach Fort Scaur take bus numer 7 or 8. Both travel between Dockyard and Hamilton.

Ferry Island Fort

You can walk across to Ferry Island over a small footbridge from Ferry Reach Park. Walk around while looking at the ruins and the scenery, it will take you back

Burnt Point Fort

The fort was built not only to defend attacks from the enemy ships, it was also used to supervise any illegal sea trading by the locals. Bus route #1, 3,

Fort Cunningham

The fort is surrounded by a dry moat. The interior of the fort is shielded with iron plates which are about 15 inches thick and laminated with layers of teak

Fort William

Fort William was one of the many forts that were built in the early 1600s by Richard Moore, the first Governor of Bermuda who started the first official British settlement

Fort Scaur and Park

Fort Scaur is an inland fort that was built to defend any land based attacks from the south shore. It had 64 pound guns mounted on disappearing carriages. The guns

Whale Bay Fort & Park

Whale Bay Fort is a semi-circular fort on a spectacular setting. It overlooks the West Whale Bay Beach and you get a sweeping view of the south coast from here.

Fort George

Fort George is located on a hilltop, the view from the fort area is spectacular. You can get a great view of the St. George Harbor and all the way

Gates Fort

Gates Fort sits right on the edge of Town Cut, a channel that was created for ships to enter the St. George Harbor.As you walk into Gates Fort, you will

Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine has many historic exhibits, artifacts, and a well preserved interior.Today this stone built St Catherine fort houses a museum and is one of Bermudas most impressive structures.

Forts Rated by C. Dickinson Rating: 4.6

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