Political Status: British Overseas Territory
Capital: Hamilton
Location: 600 mi (970 km) east of North Carolina at 33017’ North, 64047’ West
Land Area: 20.6 sq miles; 53.2 sq kilometers; 13,184 acres
Climate: Subtropical; mild, humid; strong winds common in winter
Native Inhabitants: 55% black; 34% white; 7% multiracial; 4% other
Official Language: English Other Languages: Portuguese
Currency: Bermudian Dollar (on par with U.S. Dollar)
Time: Atlantic (1hour ahead of New York, 4 hours behind London)
Population: Over 68,000
Traffic: Automobiles & bikes drive on the left
Climate: Subtropical
Official Bird: Cahow Bermuda Petrel (breeds only in Bermuda)
Official Flower: Bermudiana (shown above)
Official Fish: Blue Angelfish

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