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Renting automobiles is not allowed but other ways are often good, especially by ferry.

Visitors are not allowed by the Bermuda Government to rent automobiles or operate any other kind of four or more wheeled vehicle on Bermuda’s roads, or bring their own motorized 2-wheel vehicles – not even for the handicapped or disabled. Why not? Your safety, on unfamiliar, often narrow, winding, sharply twisting roads, is cited. Another is Bermuda’s very small physical size – less than 21 miles in total land area and sixth largest population per square mile in the world, higher than in Bangladesh and Bahrain and exceeded only by Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Macao, Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City (all of which do have rented cars available for visitors). Nor are visitors, even when they have driving licenses issued by their home state or province or country, allowed to drive any relative’s cars in Bermuda. Foreign drivers licenses are not legal in Bermuda.

Bermuda has by far more vehicles per square mile than anywhere else in the world – all of which must be insured for at least 3rd Party by a Bermudian insurance company licensed and registered to offer insurance business.

Bermuda Magazine helps Bermuda’s visitors find their way around. It includes maps of the City of Hamilton, Royal Naval Dockyard, Town of St. George and more. Copies are available from Visitors Service Bureaus as well as more than 200 key locations across the island.

Summary of main transport services and how they are used

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