Built by Royal decree to defend British superiority on the seas, the Royal Naval Dockyard is today a resplendent place of discovery. Within the walls of this nineteenth century fortress where troops once marched, there are now lawns, flower lined lanes, fine dining and a quaint Clocktower shopping mall.

Where once all was war readiness, now exists an invitation to adventure. Swim with dolphins, snorkel at the Snorkel Park, or explore the historic National Museum of Bermuda. By daylight or moonlight, there is so much to discover.

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In 1982, Bermuda passed the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) act and Dockyard was transformed from the once-unused edifice into one of the islands’ biggest tourist attractions. Today Dockyard is the most visited site in Bermuda, underscoring the value of architectural heritage to the tourism industry, and the National Museum provides a fascinating journey through Bermuda’s often-turbulent history, from shipwrecks and whaling to the first flying boats and modern tourism.

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